Welcome to the web site covering the history of the Hayde family.  This site contains genealogical material on  the Hayde family.  It also contains references to surname variants as applicable.

More than 20 branches of the Hayde family have been documented to date.  The origins and early members of each of these families have been described on this site. Clicking on the tabs above directs the visitor to the relevant details of the family in the various trees.  However, to respect the privacy of those living, very little information is shown for people born in the 1900s.

This site outlines the Irish and German origins of the name and the various descendants in England, America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Poland, Hungary and elsewhere.

It covers the meaning of the name and the movement of branches of the family around the world.  It also includes references to the main surname variants – Hade, Haide and Heade.

A key part of recent research involves using DNA techniques to connect the branches of the family and also to determine our origins. This is a key part of future research.

This site is also intended to be able to receive comments from anyone who has additional research to contribute on selected pages.  It is also structured in order to receive comments (‘blogs’) from family members who are able/keen to contribute old photos or stories to their family page.  The facility to post blogs is available under the ‘Family Posts’ pages.