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Pat Hayde and Cath Kelly were married 9 May 1813 and had 8 children in the parish of Boherlahan and Dually, Co Tipperary.  The children were born between 1814 and 1834.  They had 4 sons and 4 daughters.

They were farming at Killballyherberry in 1827.  They however defaulted on paying their Tithes (taxes) in 1831 and were probably evicted from the farm at some stage thereafter as they were not on this farm in the 1850s.

Three of the sons emigrated to America in the 1840s.  Pat (b 10 March 1819) was in Albany, New York County by 1850 and the others, John (b 26 June 1826) and James (b 4 Oct 1831) were in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania by 1850.  Also in this county in 1850 was Peter (b 22 Oct 1821) and Michael (b 29 Sept 1826), who I think were also from Killballyherberry and were cousins of John and James.

Also in this county in 1850 were Joseph (aged 22) and Elizabeth (aged 20) with their daughter Mary born in 1849.  I have not traced them to Ireland but I would assume they are close relatives of the others.

By 1860, John and James had moved from Pennsylvania to join Patrick in Albany.  I have not studied the history of the areas enough to know why this movement occurred and any relevant historical information that anyone could provide would be of interest.

The Family Posts page in this web site on Ballinure explain more about these families in Ireland and their other descendants.

In the 1850 census, Pat was recorded as Head.  This is the surname he was also recorded as in 1860 and 1870.  By 1880 it was Haid while by 1900, he was a Hade, a widower, and living in a home for the aged in Brooklyn.  The 1900 entry noted that he arrived in 1849.

John and James were both recorded as Hade in 1850, Hayd in 1860, Head and Hade in 1870 and 1880.  Mary, the wife of John, was still living in Albany with her 3 surviving children in 1900 as Hayde.

Peter was Heade in 1850 as was Michael and Joseph.

I have found no trace of anyone else in Albany in 1900.

An advertisement in the Boston Pilot in 1865 sought information on John and James.  It was placed by Martin Dwyer, a nephew.  Martin is probably the son of Mary b 1815, a sister to John and James. It also stated their Irish townland as Ballinure (the closest township to Killballyherberry).

I have not found any descendants of this family and would welcome any further information.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The three Albany families can be summarised as:

1) Pat and Mary

  • Ellen b 1859
  • Mary b 1860
  • Margaret b 1862
  • James H b 1864
  • Catherine b 1866
  • Ann b 1868
  • Martha b 1869 (d before 1880)
  • Patrick b 1876
  • John b 1879

2) John and Mary

  • Margaret b 1855
  • Hannah b 1858
  • John b 1858 (d 1858)
  • James b 1861 (Hayde in 1900 and 1910)

3) James and Mary

  • Margaret b 1855 (d before 1870)
  • Mary b 1857
  • John b 1862
  • Patrick b 1864 (d 1864)

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