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Early immigration

50 million people have immigrated to America. The main relevant patterns of immigration were:

Pre 1820

Some 650,000 people arrived before 1820. The majority were English and Welsh with a small number from a variety of European countries. These immigrants settled in small clusters in the eastern, mid-Atlantic and southern states.

I can find references to several Heyd, Heyde, Heid, Hayd and Hayde families who emigrated from Germany in this time period. In addition, a Hade family from Ireland arrived in New England in 1766.

At the time of the first census in 1790, there were two Heyd/Heyde families in Pennsylvania and 1 Hade family in New York State. From 1790 to the 1820 census, these two sets of families continued to live in these areas using a variety of surname variants.

In later years these families seem to have adopted surname variants other than Hayde.

Summaries of these census extracts from 1790 to 1840 are:

USA Census Extracts 1790 to 1840

Between 1820 and 1880

Over 10 million immigrants came from northern Europe, the British Isles and Scandinavia in this period. There was a significant increase in the numbers of immigrants from Germany and Ireland in the 1840s and 1850s. Some settled in the large eastern cities while most migrated to the mid-west and west.

The 1850 census was the first that provided full details of each person in the family as well as ages and place of birth. This census showed:

For Hayde

•Two farmers in Stark County, Ohio,
•Two families from Ireland in Queens County (Newtown and Flushing), NY State,
•One family from Germany in NYC.

For Hade

•Two families from Ireland in NYC,
•One family still in northern parts of New York State,
•Several families in Franklin and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania that were descended from pre 1820 settlers,
•One family in Vermont,
•Several families from Ireland in Ohio and Illinois.

For Heyde/Heyd/Heid/Heydt

•Families in Pennsylvania, Ohio and other surrounding states that appear to be part of the original families in this area.

One Hade family from Darke County, Ohio used the Hayde name in 1880 and 1900 and the Vermont Hade family used Hayde in 1870. All the rest adopted Hade or another variant.

Extracts of the 1850, 1860 and 1870 census are:

USA Census Extracts 1850

USA Census 1860 Extracts

USA Census 1870 Extracts

Between 1880 and 1920

More than 25 million immigrants arrived in this period. The largest numbers were from (in order) Germany, Ireland, Italy, Austria–Hungary, Russia and England.

The 1880 census was the first to add the birth place of parents. In 1900, the year of immigration and citizenship was added. Census records are available up to 1940. In addition, much other information (such as Ellis Island records) is available on line or by personal searches for this period. I have summarised the key Hayde references in the following census extracts:

USA Census 1880 and 1890 Extracts

The 1900 census

I have used these census records as my main record of the Hayde family in America. I have looked at each family, tried to trace it back to its origins (Ireland, England, Canada and Germany) and traced them through to the 1940 census. From this I have pulled together the relevant family tree.  The 1900 census extracts are:



I have also contacted several Hayde families currently living in America and tried to trace them back to the trees I have compiled.

The main Hayde families that I have traced are as follows:

1) Northern New York State

John born1826 and a brother James born 1831 (in KillHill, Tipperary, Ireland), arrived in Albany County in the 1850s. They used Hayd in 1860, Hade in 1870 and Hayde in 1900. Margaret Hayde, born 1855, was still in Albany in 1930. James Hayde in Amsterdam, Montgomery County in 1900 was probably a descendant. His son William died in 1966.

This family is part of Tree #10.  I have also not yet traced a living relative of this family.

2) Queens

As mentioned above, two Hayde families were in Newtown and Flushing in 1850. They were recent arrivals. These were Thomas born 1819 and Peter born 1822 (both in Ireland). In 1860 and 1870 they used Hade but by 1880 and 1900 they were back to Hayde.

Several other Hade/Hayde families also arrived from Ireland and settled in the Flushing area.

I believe this family originated in County Carlow in Ireland and is part of Tree #15 .

3) New York City

A family from Ballinure, County Tipperary, arrived in the 1860s. They lived in Manhattan and worked on the railways. There were three brothers (Patrick, John and Edward) and several sisters. Most of the Haydes currently living in New York City are descended from these three brothers.

This is Tree #9.

4) New Jersey

John born 1847 in Ireland arrived in New Brunswick, Middlesex in 1868. In the emigration records he was noted as being a draper from Scotland. I think John is part of Tree #7. I have yet to prove this and to link him to this tree.

The 1870 census has the family as Hade. However in 1880, 1900 and later years they were Hayde.

5) Connecticut

Patrick born Ireland in 1832. Emigrated with his wife in the early 1850s. The 1860 census had him as Haide, in 1880 as Hoyd and 1900 and onwards as Hayde. The males were initially farm workers but from 1870 onwards worked in iron mines.

This is Tree #11. Descendants live in Connecticut.

6) Massachusetts

James born 1841 arrived in Boston around 1850. He was a stone cutter. He and his wife Bridget had 6 children of which 5 were still alive in 1900. This is Tree # 24.

I have not yet traced any living relative of this family.

7) Chicago

James born Cashel, Ireland in 1806 arrived with his family via Canada in 1860. He settled in Chicago. The family were involved in the grain industry. One son ran a dry goods business that was destroyed by the great Chicago fire of 1871. Descendants still live in the area. This is Tree #14.

Other Haydes arrived from Ireland later in the century.

8) Kansas

Patrick Joseph born 1828 in Cashel, Tipperary, emigrated in the early 1850s. He initially lived in New York, by 1860 was a mason in Iowa, by 1870 a bricklayer in Missouri and in 1880 in Kansas City.

His descendants are mainly in Kansas, although some are in California, Vermont and Ohio.

This is Tree #12.

9) Michigan

Peter born abt 1845 in Ireland arrived in Michigan in the early 1870s. Peter is part of Tree #7.

The latest descendant that I have found is a George Hayde b 1896 and still living in Michigan in the 1930 census.

10) Others

There are several other Haydes that appear in other States in the various censuses. I have not included them in the above because they either:

•Only appeared in one census, or
•Were in small numbers, or
•Seemed to die out or adopt a variant.

Some of these arrived from Germany/Austria/Hungary.

Eventually I hope to trace all existing Haydes in America and trace them to one of the above trees.

1920 census has an analysis of the distribution of the Hayde name in the 1920 census. This is shown at:


As can be seen from this, the Hayde name was most prevalent in New York and