Dec 292017

Apart from the main families that settled in New York and Chicago, which are covered under the Tipperary (Ballinure, Ballingarry and Killballherberry), Carlow, Kilkenny and Kildare/Wicklow sections, there are a number of other families from Ireland that settled in America.  For some of these the Irish origins have been identified and others not.

These are:

1) Families that settled in Massachusetts such as:

  • James Hayde and Margaret in Charleston, Boston
  • Michael Hayde and Mary in Boston, Suffolk (from Tipperary)
  • David Hade and Margaret in Quincy, Norfolk

These are part of Tree # 24 and are covered in more detail in the Massachusetts Posts page. Their Irish origin is not known.

2) Families from Urlingford that settled in Massachetts such as:

  • Descendants of James and Mary Hackett, John and Ellen Doran and Edmond and Ellen Lahy (Tree # 4)

3) Families that settled in New York such as:

  • John and Ann in New York City
  • Thomas and Mary in Queens
  • Patrick and Catherine

The Irish origins of these families is unknown.

4) A family from Meath that settled in Oregan. This is Tree # 17 and is covered in more detail in the Meath Posts page.

5) Families that settled in Indiana. This is Tree # 19 and is covered in more detail in the Indiana Posts page.

6) Families that settled in Saint Louis, Missouri. This is Tree # 22 and is covered in more detail in the St Louis Posts page.


There are also Heade families that originated from Galway and Cork in Ireland.  I have not documented these as I’m not sure how or if these families are linked to the others from Ireland.

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