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Nov 232017

Patrick b 1821 and Judith Ryan

As outlined in the North Tipperary posts page, I have found the records of 3 children of Patrick and Judith Ryan from Thurles parish.  These are:

  • James Heade b 1808
  • John Hade b 1811.
    • John married Mary Ann Campbell in Leamington, Warwickshire in 1837.  They had several children in Warwickshire and adopted the Hade variant.
  • Patrick Heade/Hade b 1821.
    • Patrick married Mary Roche in 1843 when he was living at Boolahaha, a village 5 miles to the north east of Thurles.  There children were:
      • James Heade b 1845, Thurles D before 1871
      • Mary Heade b 1848, Thurles
      • Margaret Heade b 1855, Alderney. In St Peter’s Port, Guernsey in 1901. No sign in 1911
      • Ellen Heade b 1861, Alderney
      • Matthew Heade b 1856, Alderney
      • John Heade b 1860, Alderney

Patrick was a mason. In Alderney in 1847, work began on building a long breakwater in Braye Bay. I suspect Patrick was attracted there to work as a mason on building this breakwater and other projects.

They were in the 1851 Alderney census as Heade, 1871 as Head, then in the Guernsey census of 1881, 1891 and (Margaret) 1901 as Hade.

Mary died in 1891 and Patrick in 1898. There is no sign of descendants of Matthew or John. Mary Hade was in Warwickshire in 1881.

A photo of the gravestone of Patrick and Mary Roche in Le Foulon, Cemetery, St Peters Port, Guernsey is:

This gravestone can be found at grave no 62, section Y.

Nov 232017

As outlined in the Irish Research page, a Richard Head was a Mortelstown at the time of the 1666/7 Hearth records. This is a village south of Killenaule and for the purposes of the analysis in this web site, I have treated it as a separate family from the others around Ballinure.

He is probably one of the O’Hea families in Middlethird in the 1659 census.

There is no surviving 1766 census records for this area so the Catholic parish records and the Tithe taxes in 1830 need to be relied upon to pick up the thread of ancestors.

In 1828, John Headd was at Pike Road, Killenaule and by 1850 Richard Hade was at the same place. A Richard Hayde was at Cashel Road, Killenaule in 1849 according to the Cashel Poor Law Rate Books.

Richard mar Maria Bradshaw in 1824. They were at Main St (with John, his father, next door) and Pike St, Killenaule in the 1840s to 1870s.

  • Ellen Hayde b 1825, Killenaule
  • Bridget Hayd b 1826, Killenaule. Mar Delahunty 1865. Albany, NY in 1871
  • Joanna Hayd b 1828, Killenaule
  • Mary Hayde b 1833, Killenaule. Mar Patrick Quinlan. Emigrated to London.
  • William Hayde b 1836, Killenaule
  • Richard Hayde b 1841, Killenaule. Mar Mary Brien 1856. They were at Foulkestown from the 1850s.
    • James Hayde b 1857, Foulkestown (a parish bordering Killenaule parish)
    • Mary Hayde b 1859, Foulkestown
    • Bridget Hayde b 1861
    • Catherine Hayde b 1862, Foulkestown
    • James Hayde b 1864, Foulkestown. Mar Anastasia. D Pennsylvania 1944
    • Marg Hade b 1867
    • Mary Hayde b 1869, Foulkestown. Mar 1896
    • Patrick Hayde b 1871, Foulkestown
  • Patrick Hayde b 1845, Killenaule

This family seems to have either left the area of died out.

I have treated this family as part of Tree # 10. The tree can be viewed at https://www.ancestry.co.uk/family-tree/tree/53054467/family?cfpid=13448753135

Richard is probably a descendant of Richard and Margaret Croagh who had the following children in this parish:

  • Maria Heade b 1750
  • Thomas Head b 1762
  • Jacob (James) Heade b 1765. Mar Elizabeth Wilson 1795.

    • Joannes (John) Head b 1796. Mar Mary Maher
      • James Hayde b 1825, Cashel parish
      • Cath Hayde b 1828, Mockershill (by Monameagh, Cashel parish)
      • Richard Head b 1831, Boherangh
      • Tom Hayde b 1833, Ballincloragh
      • Mary Heade b 1836, Curraghtarsna (borders Mockershill)
    • Michael b 1798
  • Patrick Head b 1767
  • Richard Heade b 1770


There were also three other families in this parish (of Killenaule) in the mid 1700s. These were:

1) Patrick and Joanna Fogerty from Killenaule who married in 1752

  • Ellen Heade b 1755

2) Michael and Ellen Wilson who married in 1792

  • Joannes (John) Head b 1793, Killenaule
  • Ellen Head b 1794

These {add connection/source}

Nov 132017

Peter and Mary Premo

The origins of this family are explained in the Tipperary North and Oldham posts pages.

Patrick died in Ireland in the late 1850s and Mary emigrated to England and was in Tonge, Lancashire with their children in 1861. One son, Peter (b 1843) arrived in NY on SS Pennsylvania on 13 April 1868. Also on the same ship was a John Hade. I am not sure of the connection between Peter and John.

Peter enlisted in the army in NY in 1869 and served a 5 year term to 1874. He married Mary Premo in Michigan in 1874 and by 1880 they had 3 children.

By 1900 they had 10 children with 9 surviving. Their children are:

  • Adele Josephine Hade b 1876. Mar Charles Green
  • Mary Agnes Hade b 1877
  • Peter Hade b 1879. D 1904
  • Charles Henry Hade b 1882. Mar Anna
  • John Nicholas Hayde b 1884. Mar Alice Balsey
    • Madeline E Hayde b 1906
    • Alice Mary Agnes Hade b 1910
  • Alice Mabel Hade b 1887
  • Arthur Earl Leo Hade b 1890
  • George Francis Lawrence Hade b 1896. Mar Emily Craig
  • Cecliia Eleanor Hayde b 1898. Mar William Spitter

John Hade, enlisted in the army in 1907 and was discharged in 1908. They were recorded as Hade in the arrival records and the early census records. By the 1920s however they were using the name Hayde. Descendants are in Detroit.

Nov 132017

Most of the earlier arrivals in America seem to have come from this branch of the family. The early origins are outlined in the Carlow Posts page.

The following high level summary should help make understanding of the linkages easier as regards the families that went to America:

Descendants of family from ?

In the 1850 census, there was a Peter (b 1822) and James (b 1822) Hayde.  They arrived together on the Siddons on 24 July 1847 as Hade. By 1850 they had both married with infant children and were living at Flushing, Queens.

Peter and James were presumably brothers. I have not found them in the Irish records.

Peter (b 1822) and Ann Black

Peter married Ann and they had:

  • Richard (b 1849) – NY
  • Mary (b 1852)
  • Patrick (b 1854) and Mary
    • ANO
    • ANO
    • ANO
  • Anne (b 1855)
  • Jane (b 1859)
  • Frank (b 1861)

Peter was naturalized in 1855. They were in the 1850 census as Hayde and the 1860, 1870 and 1880 census in Flushing as Hade.  In 1880 Ann was listed as a widow living at Redan St, Flushing. By 1892 she was a Hayde while Patrick and Mary were Hade.  Richard was in the 1900 census also as Hayde. He was single and boarding with others.

Patrick Hade was in the Manhattan Home for Aged in 1918 and he died later that year. He married Mary in 1883 and according to the 1900 census they had 3 children none of whom were living in 1900.

I have not found any living descendants.

James (b 1822) and Catherine

James married Catherine and they had:

  • Mary (b 1846) – Ireland (not in 1850 census)
  • John (b 1848) – NY
  • Andrew (b 1848)
  • Jane (b 1852)
  • Anne (b 1854)
  • Nicholas (b 1856)
  • Catherine (b 1858) – Illinois
  • Peter (b 1863)

James was naturalized in 1855. They were in Flushing (as Hayde) in 1850, and Kane, Illinois in 1860 and 1880 (as Head). It appears that they moved to Illinois around 1857/58. I have not found any living descendants of this family.

Descendants of John Hayde (b 1775) from Ballylennon

John had two sons who continued to farm land at Ballylennon. They were:

  • William b circa 1800
  • Patrick b circa 1800 and Elizabeth Nolan

Descendants of Patrick (b 1800) and Elizabeth Nolan

William and Bridget Kirwin

A grand-son of Williams’s, a William Hade (b 1869), married Bridget Kirwin in Ireland in 1905 and arrived in NY on The Arabic on 20 June 1909 with their daughter Mary Patricia (b 1906). They were intending to stay with a sister, Barb Campbell (who had paid William’s fare), at 853 Amsterdam Ave, NY.

William was a groom in the 1901 Irish census and was recorded as that in the arrival records.

In 1915, they were in Bradford Ave, Queens and had another daughter, Agnes, who was 20 days old.  William was a grocery driver.

He was a coachman from Flushing in the WW1 Draft registration papers.

By 1930 William was a night watchman and they were living in Roosevelt Ave, Queens.

Descendants of Thomas b 1777 and Catherine Nixon from Ballylennon

Thomas and Catherine had a family in the early 1800s. Thomas died 1839 and Catherine in 1848. The eldest son, Richard, was in Dublin in 1854 and the four younger brothers (John, William, James and Michael) emigrated after their mother died and settled in Elizabeth Union, New Jersey.

John Hade (b1818) and Elizabeth Byrnes

John and Elizabeth married in NJ in 1859 as Heade (wit by William Heade and Mary Heade[1]) and had:

  • Thomas b 1858 (NJ) – clerk in 1886/7 and Mary
    • Thomas b 1891
  • James b 1861 – clerk in 1879-1887 (may be a John James)
  • William b 1863 – clerk 1884-1891

John died 25 July 1864 during the civil war. He was an oil cloth worker in the Draft Registration records. His parents were stated in his death records to be either Thomas and Catherine or Thomas and Mary. I have assumed the former.

Elizabeth was with William in South Street in 1880.

William Hade (b 1821) and Catherine Hickson

William and Catherine had:

  • Catherine Anna b 1853 (NJ)
  • Thomas William b 1856 (d 1895) mar Jane/Jennie Smith 1881
    • Thomas W b 1882, d 1899
    • John James b 1885 and Grace Pier
      • Thomas William b 1920
      • ANO
      • ANO
    • Walter Charles b 1883
    • Edward b 1890 and Marie Steingass
      • Harriet b 1914
      • ANO
      • ANO
    • Mary b 1856. Mar John Rogers 1875
    • John Richard b 1860, d 1860
    • Michael James b 1861, d 1866

William and Catherine were probably in the 1850 NY census and William was a waiter.

William died 27 June 1862 during the civil war. He was an oil cloth worker in the Draft Registration records. Catherine was with Thomas and Mary and John Rogers in Elizabeth Ave in 1880. Catherine died 1888, b 1825.

James Hade (b 1828) and Mary

James and Mary had:

  • Elizabeth b 1856 (NJ)
  • Thomas b 1858 (waiter and steward)
  • William b 1860 (clerk)
  • John Joseph b 1862 (clerk)
  • Mary Catherine b 1868, d 1869
  • Helen b 1868

James was an oil cloth worker in the Civil War Draft Registration papers.

James (coachman) and Mary were with Elizabeth and Thomas in 7th Ave NYC in 1880.

Mary was in 3rd St, Manhattan with William, John, Thomas and Helen in 1900 as Hade.

Michael Hade (b 1831) and Ellen

Michael and Ellen had:

  • Julianne b 1854 (NJ). Mar Geo Brophy
  • Kate b 1857. Mar Daniel Kirk 1877

Michael was an oil cloth worker in the Civil War Draft Registration papers. He died in 1881.

Michael and Ellen could possibly have arrived on the Isaac-Wright in October 1848. The records state Martin and Ellen but the Martin could be a Michael.  The ages fit. There is however no record of their marriage in Ireland.

Michael and Ellen were at Oak Street 1872-1891.

Descendants of John (b 1780) from Ballyvergal

Descendants of Patrick (b 1800) and Cath Burrows from Ballyvergal

Patrick and Cath had six children.  The two eldest sons appeared to take over the family farm while the two youngest, Thomas and Patrick emigrated.

Thomas (b 1835)

Thomas (b 1835) and Patrick (b 1837) had arrived by 1860. Thomas probably arrived 1853 on the Edward Hanly. Patrick and Thomas were both in Flushing together in 1860 as Hade.  Thomas was naturalized in1856.

Thomas was recorded as Hayde in 1870 in NYC and was working as a man servant. There is no obvious trace of him after this census.

Patrick (b 1837) and Sarah

Patrick was naturalized in 1868. He married Sarah and by 1870 was in Moreau, Saratoga with two children – as Hayde.  By 1880 Patrick had died and Sarah and the three children by then (Thomas, Mary and Alice) were in Queensbury, Warren. They were also there in 1892. In 1900, their son Thomas Hayde (b 1862) was a carpenter boarding at Kingsbury Town. By 1920 he was in the Warren County Almhouse – as Hayde.

George and Mary Nolan

George, who was an older brother of Patrick and Michaels’, had a son who also emigrated.  This was Patrick James (b 1861). He arrived 1895. In 1900 he was in Newport, Rhode Island as a coachman. He married Margaret Hanlon in October 1900 and by 1910 they were in Bergen, New Jersey where he was still a coachman.

In 1911, Margaret and the children returned to NY after what was probably a trip to Ireland.

They had an extensive family and descendants are mainly in NJ.

Descendants of John (b 1818) and Bridget Horahan from Rutland

A grandson, Michael Joseph (b 1880) from Pollerton Road arrived on Celtic on 2 May 1908 with his sister Mary (b 1883).

In 1910, Michael was staying in Hudson, New Jersey, with an uncle John Curran and his family. I’m not sure of his movements after this.

Descendants of Michael (b 1776) from Rutland

Michael had two sons.  Michael who was in Pollerton in the 1850s and Peter. Peter was probably in the Ballyvergal valuation books in 1840 on Burton owned land.

Peter (b 1818) and Bridget

By 1860 Peter (b 1818), a cartman, and Bridget were also in Flushing.  They started a family in NY by 1847 but don’t appear in the 1850 census.

Peter and Bridget had:

  • Johanna (b 1857)
  • Peter (b 1861)
  • Thomas (b 1863)
  • Mary (b 1866)

There is no sign of them in 1870 or later censuses.

Descendants of Patrick (b 1775) and Margaret Curran from Straboe

Descendants of Thomas (b 1813) and Mary Doyle from Straboe

Thomas and Mary had 11 children, two of whom emigrated to America – Ellen (b 1858) and Bridget (b 1861).  Two other children had children who also emigrated.

Bridget Hade (b 1861)

Bridget married Michael O’Toole in 1891 in NY.  In 1910 and 1920 they were in 503 W 145th Street.  The 1920 record showed that Bridget arrived 1885 and was naturalized 1900. The 1910 record however said she arrived 1882.  This confirms that she arrived on SS Germanic on 28 Aug 1882 aged 21.

Ellen Hade (b 1858)

Ellen was in the 1940 census as widowed and living with Joseph O’Toole (son of Michael O’Toole and Bridget above), her nephew in Chatterton Ave, Bronx. Patricia B Hade, a single cousin born in Ireland (b 1883) was also living with them.

Daniel (b 1847) and Julia

A son, Daniel Hade (b 1847), and Julia Allen had 4 children of which two emigrated, Mary (b 1890) and Thomas (b 1900). Mary arrived 1909 and was to stay with aunt Mrs Toole at 503 W 145th St. Thomas arrived 1925 from Montreal and married Margaret Murphy 5 Feb 1928 in NY. He was naturalized in 1932 when they were living 500 W 169th.

Patrick (b 1842) and Mary Hade

Another son was Patrick who married Mary Hade. Their children included Thomas (b 1872) who married Anne Kirwan and Bridget (b 1888).

  • Thomas Hade (b 1872) and Anne Kirwin and their children

Thomas (b 1872) and Anne were in Pollerton Road, Carlow, in the 1911 census with their 4 children Mary (b 1895), Ellen (b 1897), Michael (b 1900) and Bridget (1902). They were in Pollerton Road with a brother William and parents Patrick (b 1842) and Mary Hade.

Their son Michael, arrived Boston on SS Samaria from Queenstown on 23 June 1924. He was to stay with his aunt, Mrs B Kirwan, 77 Bradford St, Flushing, NY.

Bridget arrived in NY on SS Baltic from Queenstown on 28 Nov 1926.  She was a nurse and was to stay with her brother Michael at 503 145 St, NY (see also Bridget and Mary above at same address

  • Bridget Hade (b 1888)

Bridget was in Pollerton Road in 1911 and arrived 6 Apr 1912 on SS Baltic. She was to stay with cousin Will Hade at 318 E 37th Street. She travelled with Mary Norris (Bridget’s eldest sister Mary married a Norris).  It is not clear which Will Hade she stayed with. Bridget was naturalized 25 April 1925 and at the time was single and living at 421 W 113th Street.

Bridget also arrived back in NY in 1936 and 1939 in Boston, presumably after a trip back to Ireland.

Descendants of Michael Hade (b 1813) and Mary Doyle from Straboe

Michael and Mary had six children, two of which had children that emigrated to America. These were:

John (b 1850) and Anne Curran and their children

In 1901, John and Anne were in Straboe with seven of their 11 children. Two had died and two had left Ireland.  Their eldest son had joined the British army and their eldest daughter Mary (b 1884) married James Scully in New York in 1915 and they settled in Newport, Rhode Island.

The 1920 census noted Mary arrived 1908 and was naturalized in 1916, the same year as her husband. The 1930 census however says she arrived in 1910.

She probably arrived in NY on 28 Aug 1911 on the SS Caronia having previously lived in NY between 1909 and 1911.

Thomas Hade (b 1852) and Mary Gilfoyle and their children.

In 1901, Thomas and Mary were in Straboe with their six surviving children. One son had died.

Their eldest son, Michael Joseph (b 1882) arrived in NY on the Celtic on 2 May 1908 with two cousins.  He was to stay with his uncle, John Gilfoyle in Patterson New Jersey. In 1910, 1920 and 1930, Michael was staying with John Gilfoyle and family who had arrived in 1888, in Patterson, New Jersey.

His WW1 draft registration cards showed Mrs Gilfoyle from Paterson, NJ, as his nearest relative.

[1] This is probably the wife of James.

Nov 112017

James Haide and Nich Head

As mentioned in the Irish Research page, a James Hiade from Derryluskan, Rathcoole was in the Hearth Money records in 1665/6/7. He was probably one of the 10 families shown in the 1659 census of the area.

In 1766:

  • A James Head was at Rathcoole. This is close to Derryluskan.Godfery Taylor and John Langley were listed as protestants on this.
  • A Nich Head was at Railstown. Railstown is between Coolmoyne and Monameagh.

This area is in the middle of the triangle between Cashel, Fethard and Ballinure.

At the time of the Tithe taxes in the 1820s, there were 3 families in this area that could have descended from James or Nich. These are:

  1. Thomas Heade and Mary Dustil and Thomas Hayde and Catherine Cuddihy at Monameagh
  2. Patrick Headd and Mary Glifson at Coolmoyne
  3. Widow Heade at Brickeen

These areas can be seen on the map below:

It is entirely possible that these families may link more directly back to other areas. For example, Monameagh is just south of Dually where Trees # 1, 9 and 10 can be traced back to.  The elder Thomas in Monameagh may well be a son of Richard and Margaret Croagh who had a Thomas in 1762 in Killenaule parish, however this of course is speculation.

For the purposes of this web site, these families are treated as descendants of either James Hiade from Derryluskan or Nich Head from Railtown.

Thomas Heade and Mary Dustil and Thomas Hayde and Catherine Cuddihy

In the Monameagh, Cashel parish in 1827, a Thomas Heade and Mary Dustil (or Portal) farmed a 1a 0r 0p plot owned by Lady Caroline Damer while a son, Thos Hayde (b 1799) and Catherine Cuddihy farmed a very small plot owned by Lord Portlington.

Thomas and Catherine married in 1821 (as Hade) and had at least 6 children in the 1820s and 1830s. By 1850 Thomas had died and his wife Catherine was farming 1a 1 r 23p on land owned by Thomas Dwyer (who was the major landowner in Monameagh at this time). Catherine was in the Cashel Poor Law Rate Books in 1849 and in the valuation records up until circa 1856.

The family can be seen as:

Thomas and Mary Dustil

  • Nicholas Heade b 1794. Mar Mary Barona
    • Mary Haide b 1823
    • James Heade b 1824
    • William Hayde b 1827, Mayfield
    • Catherine Head b 1829
    • Elizabeth Hayde b 1832, Mayfield
    • Ellen Hayde b 1834
    • Patrick Hayde b 1837
    • Nicholas Hayde b 1840, Mayfield
  • Catherine Heade b 1797
  • Thomas Hede b 1799. Mar Cath Cuddihy 1821.
    • Marg Hayde b 1821
    • Patrick Hayde b 1826. Emigrated to America and settled in Kansas.  This family is Tree # 12 and is detailed further in the Kansas posts page.
    • Michael Hayde b 1826
    • Nicholas Hayde b 1828, Monameagh
    • Ellen Hayde b 1831
    • Catherine Hayde b 1835

Monameagh is:

Center map


Patrick and Mary Glifson

Patrick and Mary farmed a small plot in 1827. Their children were:

  • James Hayde b 1809
  • Richard Hayde b 1811. In valuation records until 1856
  • Michael Hayde b 1816
  • Catherine Hayde b 1818

Patrick defaulted on his tithes in the 1830s. By 1850, Mary Hayde was farming 3 acres of the part of Coolmoyne owned by the Taylor family.  This family originates from Nathaniel Taylor, an officer in Cromwell’s army, who was granted an estate of approximately 1,000 acres in the barony of Slievardagh, county Tipperary, including the townland of Noan in 1666. His grandson, Lovelace Taylor, purchased Ballinure in 1742.

Lovelace’s son Godfrey Taylor of Noan, county Tipperary, married as his second wife, Lydia, daughter and heir of Nicholas Bacon, in 1758. Edward Taylor of Noan, barony of Slievardagh, county Tipperary, married Elizabeth Hewetson of Kilkenny and had three sons who all died childless and a daughter Anne. Edward died in 1802 and was succeeded by his son Nathaniel who died in 1828. His daughter Anne married John Bagwell of Kilmore in 1819 and the Bagwell family was in possession of this estate by the mid 19th century. It was sold to Stanley Black in 1853.

A younger brother of Edward, Nathanial Taylor, inherited Ballinure, a townland bordering Noan, but without a residence. Godfrey L. Taylor of Durrow, Queen’s County (Laois), owned 996 acres in county Tipperary in the 1870s. In the mid 19th century the Taylor estate was in the parishes of Graystown, barony of Slievardagh, Peppardstown and Rathcool, barony of Middlethird. The estate of the trustees of the will of Godfrey Taylor at Rathkenny, barony of Middlethird, county Tipperary, was advertised for sale in May 1854.

Godfrey Taylor was the landowner at Coolmoyne where Hayde families were present from 1766.

Center map


Widow Heade

Brickendown is in the same area as Mayfield. It is not entirely clear who this is from the parish records.

Center map


Other families in the Cashel parish records (which started in 1793) are:

Thomas and Catherine Brophy

  • James Heade b 1795. Possibly moved to Ballinree
  • Honor Heade b 1797

Edmund and Margaret Mullane

  • John Heade b 1798. Mar Cath Ryan in 1822 as Hade

Nicholas and Nancy Wall

  • John Heade b 1799. Mar Mary Connors
    • John Hayde b 1826

James and Mary Herrick. James died Mayfield 1816.

  • James Hayde b 1806
  • Bridget Hayde b 1808

John and Mary Heffernan

  • Catherine Hayde b 1815
  • John Hayde b 1817
  • Bridget Hayde b 1821

There are also families in later time periods which can not be easily traced to any of the above. The detailed Cashel records can be read at {insert}


Nov 092017

Descendants of James and Mary Whelan

As described in the Kilkenny City posts page, James and Mary Whelan married in St Canice parish, Kilkenny City in 1840.  They had 6 children and were living in Dohans Lane and Granges Road in the 1840s and 1850s.  James died circa 1869 and Mary took the two surviving children, Ellen Heade (b 1852) and James Hade (b 1855) to America.  They arrived (as Heade) on 18 Oct 1870.

In 1880 they were in Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ. Mary was shown as the mother in law to head of the house, Barney Freeman. He married Catherine, an elder daughter.

In 1880 Julia Haide was also in Woodbridge. She was b 1855 and arrived in 1871. She is probably also another daughter.

Mary died 1886 (b 1808).

James (b 1855) was a fireman. He married Kate Cooney and they had:

  • James Jnr Heade b 1890, a plumber
  • Walter Sidney Heade b 1896, a polisher

In 1900, they were in Manhattan. They have adopted the Heade name and in 1920 were at 204 W 67th St, NY.

James Jnr and Walter Sidney were recorded in the WW1 Draft registration cards.




Nov 092017

From Ireland to Saint Louis, Missouri

The population of St. Louis increased 228 percent between 1810 and 1820. It doubled between 1835 and 1840, and again by 1845; in ten years St. Louis went from half to twice the size of Pittsburgh. Earliest arrivals were from farther east or England, followed by Irish and, soon after, Germans.

The Irish were attracted to St Louis as much as they were to Chicago, Boston and New York.  With St Louis being settled by the French the Irish Catholics saw an opportunity to emigrate to where they could practice their religion among the Catholic French.

By 1850, 43 percent of all St. Louisans were born in either Ireland or Germany. Irish immigrants often brought limited skill levels, putting them into direct competition with free blacks in cities for lower level jobs.

Irish immigrants in St. Louis congregated in two areas. Some lived in the “Kerry Patch” area on the near north side-a violent, dangerous, and impoverished neighborhood. Others lived around Cheltenham, centered around the intersection of present-day Hampton and Manchester. After rail connections to St. Louis opened in 1852, the clay and fire brick industry grew quickly. Irish immigrants worked in local clay mines. The first priests at St. James the Greater Parish, in today’s Dogtown neighborhood, were Irish when it was founded in 1861.

In 1860, there were several Head/Hade/Haide families in St Louis who were born in Ireland.

Only one of these I can find in the 1850 census however some arrived in the late 1840s and cannot be found on the 1850 census.

One of the families was purported to come from Tipperary however there is no obvious Irish connection for any of these families. It is also unclear where they arrived and why they went to St Louis.

The families were:

  • Patrick Head b 1820 and Rosanna
  • Richard Heade b 1828 and Bridget Walsh b 1830
  • John b 1832 and Bridget Brennan b 1834
  • Patrick Heade/Hade b 1833 and Catherine O’Brien
  • John Hade b 1835 and Alice b 1840
  • John Heade b 24 June 1835 and Ellen O’Connor b 2 Dec 1836
  • Thomas Hade b 1840 and Hanora Cahill b 1845
  • James Hade b 1836 and Winifred O’Keefe b 1838

Thomas and Hanora and James and Winifred are probably related as they lived next door to each other.

Patrick (b 1820) and Rosanna

Patrick Head b 1820 and Rosanna b 1820 and:

  • Martin b 1846 Louisiana.

This family was the only one in the 1850 census. They were also Head in 1860 as was Martin in 1880.

Patrick Head died 1885, a widow aged 72 (b 1813). He died of asthma and was living at Garfield and buried Calvary cemetery.

Richard (b 1828) and Bridget Walsh

Richard Heade b 1828 and Bridget b 1830 and:

  • Margaret b 1863
  • Ellen b 1869
  • Richard G b 1872. Mar Katherine
    • Richard P Heade b 1898 mar Fern Gossett
    • Bernice Anna Heade b 1900
  • William M b 1877. Single in 1900

Richard was a porter in 1870 and a janitor in 1895 (both a Heade). He died in 1895 and his will listed his children as Margaret, Richard and William.  Bridget had died before 1895.

There is a theory that he may have served in the Missouri cavalry (as Head) during the civil war. However, date of birth and spouse names do not match so I doubt this.

John (b 1832) and Bridget Brennan

John b 1832 and Bridget b 1834 and:

  • John b 1856, Missouri
  • Thomas O b 1857
  • Catherine b 1860
  • Mary J b 1863
  • Thos G b 1867, d 1867
  • Bridget b 1868
  • Elly b 1869
  • Thomas b 1874

John married Bridget Brennan at St Louis in 1854 as Hayde. They lived in Carondelet. Bridget died 1877 and John remarried Mary E. The 1880 census recorded the parents as being born Carondelet and the children as being born in Tipperary. I suspect the reverse is true.

John and Mary had Edward Hade in 1880 however he only lived for 5 days.

In 1900 John and Mary E were with Tom in Carondelet. They had been married for 23 years (mar 1877). Mary had 7 children and 1 (Tom) had survived. John had arrived in 1850 and Mary in 1855.

Patrick (b 1833) and Catherine O’Brien

Patrick b 1833 and Catherine b 1834 and:

  • Margaret b 1854, Missouri
  • Hanora b 1855
  • Ellen b 1857
  • James b 1859
  • Alice b 1864
  • William b 1865

Patrick was a drayman in 1860 as Haid and Hade in 1870 with same occupation. Patrick Head married Catherine O’Brien 1853.

Patrick died 1873 and James and William Heade were boarding with others in 1880.

John (b 1835) and Mary Anne then Alice Norris/McSweeney

Mary Ann died 1870 in Cape Girardeau City.

John Hade b 1835 and Alice b 1840 married in 1873. They had both been married previously. The only child found of John’s was:

  • Mary b 1855, Missouri

They were in Main St in 1880 and Broadway in 1900.  The 1900 census showed that Alice had 4 children with 2 living.  John arrived in 1848 and Alice 1850.

John served in the civil war and got a pension in 1890.

John (b 1835) and Ellen O’Connor

John Heade b 24 June 1835 and Ellen b 2 Dec 1836 and:

  • Mary b 1861, Missouri
  • James b 1863. Mar Margaret Naughton[1]
  • Kate b 1866
  • Agatha b 1869
  • John b 1872
  • Ellen b 1875
  • Joseph b 1878

John was a porter in 1860 (as Hade), a corn merchant in 1870 (as Heade) and a labourer in 1880 (as Heade). They lived at Pacific Street in 1880 and 3127 School St in later years.

In 1900 John and Ellen were in Jefferson St with John and Ellen.  Ellen had 6 children and all were living.  They had been married 40 years (mar 1860). John arrived in 1848 and Ellen in 1849.

John died in 1917 and Ellen in 1920

Thomas (b 1840) and Hanora Cahill

Thomas Hade b 1840 and Hanora b 1845 and:

  • Patrick F b 1867
  • Mary b 1869
  • Nellie b 1871
  • James J b 1874
  • Maggie b 1876
  • Thomas P b 1877
  • John M b 1884
  • William A b 1887

They lived in Adolf Street in 1880, two doors away from Winifred below.

In 1900, they were in Chouteau Ave.  Hanora had 9 children of which 6 were living.  5 of these were the sons who were still with them and were all single. They had been married for 31 years (mar 1869) and they had both arrived in 1854.

Thomas was a blacksmith in 1870, a horse shoer in 1880 and 1900 and the sons all adopted the same trade. None of the sons seemed to have married.

James (b 1836) and Winifred O’Keefe

James Hade b 1836 and Winifred b 1838 and:

  • Patrick b 1859, Missouri – Teamster
  • John J b 1862 – Teamster. Married Bella Plant
    • James J b 1895, d 1924
  • Katie/Betty b 1864
  • James b 1865
  • Ellen/Nellie b 1866
  • Mary b 1869

James was a teamster in 1860 but had died by 1870. Winifred remarried Patrick Sullivan about 1874 and had 2 children to him in the late 1870s. In 1900, she and Patrick were in Manchester Ave, St Louis. She arrived in 1839 (or 1859?) and had 9 children of which 7 were still alive.

[1] Margaret was born Co Mayo according to a descendant.

Nov 092017

Apart from the main families that settled in New York and Chicago, which are covered under the Ballinure, Ballingarry and Killballherberry sections, there are a number of other families from Ireland that settled in America.  For some of these the Irish origins have been identified and others not.

These are:

1) Families that settled in Massachusetts such as:

  • James Hayde and Margaret in Charleston, Boston
  • Michael Hayde and Mary in Boston, Suffolk
  • David Hade and Margaret in Quincy, Norfolk

These are part of Tree # 24 and are covered in more detail in the Massachusetts Posts page.

2) Families that settled in New York such as:

  • John and Ann in New York City
  • Thomas and Mary in Queens
  • Patrick and Catherine

These are from {add more}

3) Families that settled in Indiana. This is Tree # 19 and is covered in more detail in the Indiana Posts page.

4) Families that settled in Saint Louis, Missouri. This is Tree # 22 and is covered in more detail in the St Louis Posts page.

5) A family from Meath that settled in Oregan. This is Tree # 17 and is covered in more detail in the Meath Posts page.

There are also Heade families that originated from Galway and Cork in Ireland.  I have not documented these as I’m not sure how or if these families are linked to the others from Ireland.

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Brooklyn, Kings and Newark, New Jersey

George (b 1807) and Mary

George (b 1807) and Mary Hade were in Brooklyn, Kings in 1850. George was a grocer and they were both born Ireland. Mary died in 1857 and in 1860 George was on his own in Newark, New Jersey. In 1870, he was still in Newark and had been joined by Elizabeth Hade (b 1800, Ireland). She was single and presumably a sister. Both George and Elizabeth died in 1880.

Peter (b 1803)

Also in Newark in 1860 was Peter Hade (1803, New Jersey). He was a gardener. It is possible he is related to George and the place of birth was confused.

Christopher (b 1834) and Lucy Reynolds

In 1870, a Christopher Hade b 1834 was in South Orange, Essex, New Jersey. By 1880 Christopher had married Lucy Reynolds and was in Newark with their children. The 1870 census states he was born New Jersey however in 1880 it says Ireland. Their children were:

  • Mary Rose b 1875, NJ
  • Julia A 1877
  • Mathew J b 1878, d 1885
  • George E b 1879, d 1887
  • Martha

The Newark directories for 1884 show Lucy as a widow, managing a saloon and living at 66 Johnson.

Christopher died in 1880 and was described as a gardener born in Ireland.

Christopher is probably a son of George and Mary however he could not be found in the 1850 and 1860 census records.

Marion City, Grant, Indiana

Martin Boots and David Branson each donated 30 acres (120,000 m2) of land in 1831 for the site of Marion. They chose a location on the left bank of the swift, scenic river which the Miami Indians had named “Mississinewa,” meaning “Falling water.” So rapid had been the tide of settlement that it followed by only 19 years the Battle of Mississinewa, 7 miles (11 km) downstream, where U.S. troops and Indians had fought a bloody, pre-dawn encounter in 1812.

With the formation of Grant County in 1831, Marion was established as the county seat. The river provided water supply, power, and drainage and it bequeathed a natural beauty as it flowed at the base of hills that marched away on either side. Along with at least 36 other communities in the U.S., Marion was named for the Revolutionary War General Francis Marion, the “Swamp Fox” of South Carolina.

Marion grew slowly for more than 50 years as an agricultural trading center supported by a sprinkling of small farm- and forest-related industries.

In the 1880s, fields of natural gas were discovered across much of east-central Indiana, and Grant County began to grow at a dizzying pace. Gas City and Matthews were carved out of raw farmland and launched as speculative boom towns, each absorbing existing tiny villages.

George (b 1821) and Mary Jane McKee

The earliest ancestor of this family is a George W Hayde b 1821 New Jersey. He was a farmer in Ohio in 1850, a labourer in Indiana in 1860 and a pump maker in Indiana in 1864 and 1870.

Given the commonality of first names, George must be related to the George (b 1807) and Mary in Kings in 1850 and New Jersey in 1860. He is unlikely to be a child unless the birth dates are widely inaccurate.

George married Mary Jane McKee in Ohio in 1847.  (He is not the George Hade that served in the Pennsylvania cavalry in the civil war and had an invalid pension awarded in 1878).

They had the following 5 children (of whom only 1 was alive in 1900):

  • ANO
  • ANO
  • Sarah b Ohio 1852. She married Crowel Walker in 1876
  • George W b Indiana 1854. He died before 1900. He married Wilhelmina (Winnie) Rigler (b 1864 Indiana) in 1886 and they had:
    • Frank Charles b 1887, d 1980. Frank was in San Francisco at the time of WW1 registrations. He married Hope Gregory in NY in 1920, was a superintendent at a warehouse in Queens in 1930 and a shipping clerk in Wisconsin in 1940. They had the following children:
      • Gloria b New York 1924
    • Helen b 1891
  • (Theodore) Wilson Hayde b Indiana 1861, d 1899. Theodore married Phoebe Lugar (b 1863) in 1881 and they had:
    • Estella Sarah (b 1882) Indiana
    • Mamie J (b 1884) Indiana
    • George Wilson (b 1887) Indiana, d 1947. George married Eva Seybold and lived in Grant, Indiana.
      • Robert Theodore Hayde b Indiana 1931
      • George W Jnr
      • Phoebe A d 1980s

Theodore, Phoebe and children went to Fitzgerald, Georgia with a group of ex-Unionists to establish this city with Mr P Fitzgerald. Phoebe and children were still there in the 1900 census.


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As outlined in the Irish Research page, there were two relevant families in the Ballinure and Noan area in 1659. From the 1665/6/7 Heath records these can be seen as:

  • John at Ballinure (a townland in the civil parishes of Graystown and Ballysheehan and the Catholic parishes of Killenuale and Boherlahan and Dualla)
  • Thomas at Graystown (Noan is a townland in the civil parish of Graystown and the Catholic parish of Killenaule)

No records from the 1766 Religious census exist for this area so the Catholic parish records and the Tithe taxes in 1830 need to be relied upon to pick up the thread of ancestors.

The following families were in the Tithe records of 1830:

  • John Heade. John was at Noan. He married Elizabeth Wilson and they had a family in the late 1700s/early 1800s.
  • Edmund Heade. Edmund was at Noan. He married Ellen Carroll and they had a family in the early 1800s.
  • James Heade. James was at Noan. He married Catherine Carty and they had a family in the early 1800s. One son was at Carrow in 1850 and another at # 13 or 15 Noan in 1850. Descendants are in Noan, Ballinure and America as outlined below.

Ballinure and Noan were adjoining villages as can be seen from the map below.

These families were:

John and Elizabeth Wilson – Noan 1830

  • James Head b 1796
  • Michael Head b 1800

Edmond and Ellen CarrollNoan in 1830

  • Ellen Head b 1815, Ballinure
  • Mary Hayde b 1822, Ballinure

James and Catherine Carty – Noan in 1830 – Tree # 10

  • Ellen Hade b 1814. Mar James Fair in 1843 and emigrated 1848 to America. Settled in Wisconsin
  • James Hayde b 1818, Ballinure. Mar Cath Quinlan. Carrow in 1850 as Hayde. In 1850 they were in a house on the main road between Ballinure and Dually. They moved from this house in the 1860s and were in Thurles in 1880s-1908.
    • Mary Hayd b 1846, Carrow (a townland north of Dually)
    • James Hayd b 1849, Carrow
    • Denis Hayde b 1851, Carrow
    • Thomas Head b 1854, Garraun
  • Edmond b ?. Mar Margaret Byrne – Noan (#13 or 15) as Hayde in 1850
    • Patrick Hayde b 1839, Ballinure
    • Ellen Hayde b 1842, Ballinure
    • Margaret Hayde b 1844, Piercetown (Noan) – Mar Boston in 1873
    • Edmond Hayde b 1847, Piercetown. Mar Mary Shea.
      • Had a family in Ballinure. Some emigrated to Boston in early 1900s.
    • Richard Hayde b 1852. Mar Margaret Ellie, Boston 1882
    • Kate Hayde b 1853, Piercetown
    • Alice Hayde b 1855, Ballinure – Died Boston 1887
    • Mary Hayde b 1857, Ballinure

By the time of the Griffiths records in 1850, the was also the following family in the area:

Patrick Hayde married Margaret Loughlin at Ballinure in 1846 – 12a Ballinure in 1850. This is in the subtownland of Piercetown

  • Mary Heade b 1847, Ballinure

They also had a Patrick….

There are also other Hayde/Heade and Hade families in the early parish records as can be seen from the detailed research notes made from the parish records, the civil records, valuation records, directories, graveyards and the 1901 and 1911 census for this area in Ballinure and Killenaule Families

These include:

Patrick and Joanna Power – Tree # 6

Patrick joined the army at Kilkenny in 1842.  One of his children were baptised in Killenaule parish which links him to the family.  This family is described in more detail in the Bury Posts page.

The DNA of a descendant is also very similar to descendants of Trees # 1, # 9 and # 10 which also links him to this area.

Edmond and Catherine Liddy. Edmond died 1865 aged 40. It is not entirely clear from the parish records who his parents were. Catherine and family emigrated to New York in the late 1860s. This is Tree # 9 and is described in more detail in the New York posts page.

Is he 9d Noan 1850 as Hayde?

  • Patrick Hayde b 1850, Ballinure
  • John Heade b 1852, Ballinure
  • Cath Hayde b 1853
  • Elizabeth Hayde b 1855, Ballinure
  • Ellen Hayde b 1857, Ballinure
  • Edmund Hayde b 1859, Ballinure
  • Mary Hayde b 1861
  • Bridget Hayde b 1863, Ballinure

The Griffiths map of the area in the 1850s is below:

Ballinure is the village in the centre as highlighted by the blue arrow.

{explain the plots}

Ballinure can also be seen at the modern map below.

Center map


The original parish church in Ballinure is now rather dilapidated as can be seen from the photo below.

This church is just outside Ballinure on the road to Dually.  It has several Hayde graveyards.

I suspect all the Hayde families from Killhill, Killenaule, Ballinure and Noan gathered at this church.