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The tax records of 1666/7 showed Edward Heade and James Heade from the Ballingarry area. Edward was at Lisnamrock and James at Farranrory. They were probably two of the 10 Heade (and variants) in Slievardagh in the 1659 census.

By the time of the tithe taxes of the 1820s, a descendant still in the area was Patrick at Boula (Boulinthea).  He was baptized in 1806 when parish records were started.  He appears to have been an adult at the time and was sponsored by John Langley, a large landowner in the area.

At the time of the 1850 valuations, the two families living at Boula were John and Lawrence Hayde.

Lawrence (b 1812) and Ellen Doran arrived in Cardiff around 1836.  Descendants are in Cardiff. Their Irish origins are unknown but the most logical assumption is that they came from this area as Doran families were neighbours of the Hayde families in Boula.

Other cousins of Lawrence went to America and some stayed in Ballingarry.  The Ballingarry family died out while I have found no descendants of the emigrants to America.

The three branches to this tree are:

1)  The Lawrence who moved to Cardiff and settled there.  This family is covered in more detail in the Welsh Family Posts page.

2)  Patrick Heade from Boulea who was in the Tithe records in 1834. His sons were:

  • John Hayde, who was farming 46 acres in 1850 and by 1890 was farming 100 acres.
  • Laurence Hayde, who was also in Boulea in the 1850s
  • Thomas Hayde, who had moved to Clonmel by the 1850s

I have found no living male descendants of Patrick.

3)  William, who was a teacher at Lisnamrock in 1824.

Henry and Ellen, two of William’s children, were in New York in the 1850s.  Another, Richard, was transported to Australia in 1843.  I have found no descendants of any of these people.

Boulea is:

Lisnamrock is:


Extracts from the Ballingarry parish records, the civil records, tombstones, valuation records, census returns and other records are Ballingarry Families


The tree is shown below:




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