Other Snippets



I have come across several links with the Caribbean. These include:

  • The International Genealogical Index (IGI) for Barbados which shows the marriages of Criss Celia Hayde in 1847 and Elizabeth Ann Hayde in 1874. Both these were in Saint John. I have not checked the source material to check on spellings or other variants.
  • A more recent reference on internet material to a Wayne Hayde, known in the calypso world as The Watchman.
  • American census records in the 1880s that refer to Haydes who appear to have been slaves.
  • A Canadian family with Caribbean origins.
  • A London family with Caribbean origins.
  • A Benjamin Hayde from Jamaica who served in the British Army in WW1.

I have not yet been able to link these to any other parts of the family.


Another unexplained connection is with the New Hebrides (now Vanuatu) that I have included here as it probably originates from the Caribbean. This reference is to:

  • The Rev. Walter Hayde Lini, who served as Prime Minister from independence in 1980 until he was ousted in 1991.

I can find no information on why he used Hayde as his middle name.