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The tax records of 1666/7 recorded a James Head from Kilballyherberry, Ballysheehan.  He was probably one of the 10 Heade (and variant) families recorded in the area at the time.

By the time of the religious census in 1766, the two families in this area were Philip and Maria Kearney and John and Maria Monaghan. These two couples both had large families however I can only find the descendants of Philip and Maria in the Killenaule parish records. They were recorded as Head in the census records and Head and Heade in the parish records.

By the time of the tithe taxes in the 1820s, the descendants in the area were Thomas Hayde and Cath Kivane and Patrick Hayde and Cath Kelly both farming at Killhill, Kilballyherberry.  They were both grandchildren of Philip and Maria.

The parish records also show Patrick Hayde and Judith Bradley in Killhill in the 1830s.

Thomas married Cath Kivane circa 1803 and Patrick married Margaret Kirwan in 1811 and then Cath Kelly in 1813. They both had families at Killhill between 1810 and 1840.

In 1827, Thomas and Patrick  were farming on land owned by The Estate of Oliver Latham Esq. Patrick had a plot of 3a 1r 0p and Thomas’s plot was 3a 3r 0p. They both defaulted on these tithes in the 1830s and were not on this land in the 1850s.

The eldest son of Thomas and Cath’s was Patrick Hayde (b 1803). He married Margaret Farrell in Carlow in circa 1840 and immigrated to London in the late 1840s during the potato famine.  One of their sons (the only child to live long enough to have a family) joined the British army.  He went to India with the army where he married and had a large family.  Descendants live in England, India, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  This is Tree # 1.

Other sons moved to Ballinure and descendents are in the Ballinure/Cashel area. These families, and other descendants from the Killhill families are Tree # 10.

Records in London in 1870 (relating to Patrick b 1803) indicate that Thomas and Cath had died by then.  Given that Patrick could not read or write and had left Ireland by the late 1840s, I suspect they may have died by the time Patrick and Margaret left Ireland. By the 1840s they would have been in their 60s, which is much longer than life expectancy at the time

The early members of these two families can be summarised as:

Philip and Maria Kearney

  • John Heade b 1745. Mar Cath Kennedy
    • Catherine Head b 1771
    • Anastasia Heade b 1786
  • Michael Heade b 1747. Mar Cath Nagle
    • Philip Head b 1786, d 1788
    • Thomas Head b 1788. Mar Cath Kivane
      • Patrick Hayde b 1803. Mar Margaret Farrell – Tree # 1
        • Edward Hayde b 1848
        • Margaret Hayde b 1849
        • Patrick Hayde b 1853
        • John Hayd b 1855
      • Mary Heade b 1811
      • Cath Hayde b 1813
      • Edmond Head b 1815. Mar Mary Barry then Mary Bulfin – Tree # 10
        • Thomas Hade b 1846
        • James Hade b 1849
        • Michael Hayde b 1853
        • Joanna Hayde b 1854
        • Martin Hayde b 1855
        • Mary Hayde b 1869
        • Margaret Hayde b 1871
      • Nelly/Ellen Head b 1818
      • Peg (Margaret) Head b 1821
      • Tom Heade b 1824
      • James Hayde b 1826
      • Michael Heade b 1826
  • Unreadable b 1749
  • Honoria Heade b 1752
  • Maria Heade b 1753
  • Catherine Heade b 1756
  • James Head b 1759. Mar Joanne Duggan
    • James Head b 1790
    • Patrick Head b 1796. Mar Margaret Kirwan then Cath Kelly
      • Margaret Heade b 1814.
      • Mary Head b 1815
      • Pat Hayde b 1819. Emigrated to America in circa 1847.  Lived Albany, NY State.
      • Margaret Hayde b 1824
      • John Heade b 1826. Emigrated to America circa 1850. Lived Albany, NY State.
      • Ellen Hayde b 1829
      • James Hayde b 1831. Emigrated to America circa 1853. Lived Albany, NY State.
      • Thomas Hayd b 1834
    • Bridget Head b 1799
  • Allina Head b 1762
  • Eliza Heade b 1766

Further information is provided on the families that settled in Albany in the Albany posts page.

John and Maria Monaghan

  • Ellen Heade b 1749
  • Margaret Heade b 1751
  • Richard Heade b 1752
  • Catherine Heade b 1753
  • Thomas Heade b 1756
  • Margaret Head b 1759

Descendants of the above are difficult to track.

There are also other Hayde/Heade and Hade families in the early parish records as can be seen from the detailed research notes made from the parish records, the civil records, valuation records, directories, graveyards and the 1901 and 1911 census for this area in Ballinure and Killenaule Families

How the other families in the area are all connected is not obvious from the paper records.  DNA testing however has shown that the families from this area have similar DNA and therefore share a common ancestor, which may well be the James Head who was in Kilballyherberry in 1666/7.

A map of the area is as follows:

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Patrick (b 1803) and his wife Margaret Farrell emigrated to London during the potato famine in Ireland in the 1840s. They had 4 children in the Westminster area. One, Edward Harry, born in 1848, joined the 67th Foot at Taunton, Somerset (where he was living) in 1867. He married Catherine Gilaghan in March 1872 and later that year, he and Catherine went to Burma and then India with the regiment. Catherine died in childbirth in July 1873. He remarried Martha Featherstone in 1876 and they had 8 sons and 1 daughter. Descendants live in India, New Zealand, Canada and England.

Two of the other children of Patrick and Margaret Farrell (Margaret and John) died young in London in the 1860s. Another, Patrick, was born in 1853 and I have no knowledge of his descendants (if any).

I have found Patrick (the elder) in the 1871 London census. He was listed as Patrick Hyde, widower, born 1803 in County Tipperary, Ireland, residing in the Islington Workhouse. I have found his movements from 1869 to 1873 (when he died) in the Greenwich, Islington and Croydon areas. I found Patrick in the Islington Workhouse records in 1870 as a pauper. The civil records showed he died in 1873 in Croydon Workhouse aged 70.

Patrick is the son of Thomas and Kate Kivane and was born in Dually in the parish of Ballysheehan, Co Tipperary.  I have found Thomas and Kate in the Boherlahan and Dually Catholic parish records.  These records started in 1810 and showed the baptisms of siblings of Patrick but not Patrick as he was born before these records started.

Also in the same parish at the same time were Patrick and Cath Kelly and their children.  Both Thomas and Patrick featured in the 1827 Tithe records as farming at Killberryherberry, a land holding just outside Dully.  They were however shown as Tithe defaulters in the 1830s and were subsequently evicted from these farms for non payment of the Tithes (taxes).  They seem to have then moved to Ballinure (a town just north of Dually) and further afield.

In the 1600s, a James Head(e) was recorded in Killballyherbry (as it was then spelt) and is the earliest record I can find for this family.  I also have not found any records to link 1600s to 1800s.

This Tree has been genetically linked to Trees 3, 9,10 and 15.

A map of the area showing Kilballyherberry marked is:

Mar 012015

Pat Hayde and Cath Kelly were married 9 May 1813 and had 8 children in the parish of Boherlahan and Dually, Co Tipperary.  The children were born between 1814 and 1834.  They had 4 sons and 4 daughters.

They were farming at Killballyherberry in 1827.  They however defaulted on paying their Tithes (taxes) in 1831 and were probably evicted from the farm at some stage thereafter as they were not on this farm in the 1850s.

Three of the sons emigrated to America.  Pat (b 10 March 1819) was in Albany, New York County by 1850. In 1855 he was noted as having been in Albany for 7 years. This probably means he arrived from Cork on the Brig D.B. on 24 May 1847.

John (b 26 June 1826) probably arrived on the Niagara on 12 Sept 1850 and James (b 4 Oct 1831) probably arrived on Compromise on 7 Sept 1853.  Their surnames were variously spelt as Hayde, Hade, Hayd and Head.

The Family Posts page in this web site on Ballinure explain more about these families in Ireland and their other descendants.

In the 1850 census, Pat was recorded as Head.  This is the surname he was also recorded as in 1860 and 1870.  By 1880 it was Haid.

John and James were both recorded as Hade in 1850, Hayd in 1860, Head and Hade in 1870 and 1880.  Mary, the wife of John, was still living in Albany with her 3 surviving children in 1900 as Hayde.

I have found no trace of anyone else in Albany in 1900.

An advertisement in the Boston Pilot in 1865 sought information on John and James.  It was placed by Martin Dwyer, a nephew.  Martin is probably the son of Mary b 1815, a sister to John and James. It also stated their Irish townland as Ballinure (the closest township to Killballyherberry).

I have not found any descendants of this family and would welcome any further information.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Downlo

The three Albany families can be summarised as:

1) Pat and Mary

  • Ellen b 1859
  • Mary b 1860
  • Margaret b 1862
  • James H b 1864
  • Catherine b 1866
  • Ann b 1868
  • Martha b 1869 (d before 1880)
  • Patrick b 1876
  • John b 1879

This family lived in Park Ave, Albany City up to the 1880s. However there was no trace of anyone in 1900.

2) John and Mary

  • Margaret b 1855
  • Hannah b 1858
  • John b 1858 (d 1858)
  • James J b 1862 (Hayde in 1900 and 1910)

This family lived in Schuyter St then Mulberry St, Albany City. Some of the family were still in Albany up to the 1950s but not in more recent times.

3) James and Mary

  • Margaret b 1855 (d before 1870)
  • Mary b 1857
  • John b 1862
  • Patrick b 1864 (d 1864)

This family lived in Bassett then Cherry St, Albany City up to the 1870s.  There is no trace of them from 1880 onwards.

Albany was a large city and a hub for transportation in the mid 1900s.  There is however no obvious reason why Patrick settled in Albany when he arrived in 1847. He was a labourer in 1850 and a servant in 1855. He didn’t marry until circa 1857 so it couldn’t have been any in law influence.