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Thomas and Patrick Hayde

The tax records of 1666/7 recorded a James Head from Kilballyherberry, Ballysheehan.  He was probably one of the 10 Heade (and variant) families recorded in the area at the time.

The Irish Research page explains these families in more detail.

By the time of the religious census in 1766, the two families in this area were Philip and Maria Kearney and John and Maria Monaghan. These two couples both had large families that were baptised in the Killenaule parish records that started in 1742.  However I can only find the descendants of Philip and Maria in these parish records. They were recorded as Head in the census records and Head and Heade in the parish records.

By the time of the tithe taxes in the 1820s, the descendants in the area were Thomas Hayde and Cath Kivane and Patrick Hayde and Cath Kelly both farming at Killhill, Kilballyherberry.  They were both grandchildren of Philip and Maria.

Thomas married Cath Kivane circa 1803 and Patrick married Margaret Kirwan in 1811 and then Cath Kelly in 1813. They both had families at Killhill between 1810 and 1840.

In 1827, Thomas and Patrick  were both farming on land owned by The Estate of Oliver Latham Esq. Patrick had a plot of 3a 1r 0p and Thomas’s plot was 3a 3r 0p. They both defaulted on these tithes in the 1830s and were not on this land in the 1850s. I suspect they were evicted in the late 1830s/early 1840s after they both defaulted on paying their tithes (taxes).

The parish records also show many other family members in this area in the early 1800s.  These are summarised at the end of this page. There is also avery close link between these families and those in Ballinure, Noan and Killenuale which are outlined on separate pages.

The 1850s map of the landholdings of Kilballyherberry parish is shown below:

Killhill is the hill, shown as 794ft (241m) high towards the middle right of the parish map. The area shown as reference 1 in this map (which included Killhill) was a 24 acre plot farmed by Thomas Hogan in the 1850s.  In the 1820s Thomas Hogan farmed 14 acres, with Patrick, Thomas a some other small holders as neighbours.  I suspect the Hogan family consolidated their holdings after Patrick and Thomas left their small plots.

Killhill is now a wind farm as can be seen from the photo below:

Killhill is shown in the photos below.  They were taken on a foggy day in November 2016 and probably reflect what life was like in the early 1800s on this hill.

This photo is from Killhill at the point where I think Thomas and Patrick had their plots.

This photo shows the view from Killhill down towards Ballinure.

The eldest son of Thomas and Cath’s was Patrick Hayde (b 1803). He married Margaret Farrell in Carlow in circa 1840 and immigrated to London in the late 1840s during the potato famine.  One of their sons (the only child to live long enough to have a family) joined the British army.  He went to India with the army where he married and had a large family.  Descendants live in England, India, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  This is Tree # 1 and is described in more detail in the New Zealand and India posts page.

Other sons moved to Ballinure and descendents are in the Ballinure/Cashel area. These families, and other descendants from the Killhill families are Tree # 10 and are described in more detail in the Ballinure posts page.

Records in London in 1870 (relating to Patrick b 1803) indicate that Thomas and Cath had died by then.  Given that Patrick could not read or write and had left Ireland by the late 1840s, I suspect they may have died by the time Patrick and Margaret left Ireland. By the 1840s they would have been in their 60s, which is much longer than life expectancy at the time

The early members of these two families can be summarised as:

Philip and Maria Kearney

  • John Heade b 1745. Mar Cath Kennedy
    • Catherine Head b 1771
    • Anastasia Heade b 1786
  • Michael Heade b 1747. Mar Cath Nagle
    • Philip Head b 1786, d 1788
    • Thomas Head b 1788. Mar Cath Kivane – Killballyherberry in 1827
      • Patrick Hayde b 1803. Mar Margaret Farrell – Tree # 1
        • Edward Hayde b 1848
        • Margaret Hayde b 1849
        • Patrick Hayde b 1853
        • John Hayd b 1855
      • Mary Heade b 1811
      • Cath Hayde b 1813
      • Edmond Head b 1815. Mar Mary Barry then Mary Bulfin later in life- Tree # 10. # 9d, Noan (Piercetown) 1850

        • Catherine Hayde b 1844, Piercetown (Noan)
        • Thomas Hade b 1846, Piercetown. Married Margaret Russell 1868. Descendants in Ballinure. See the Ballinure posts page for more detail.
        • James Hade b 1849, Ballinure
        • Michael Hayde b 1853, Ballinure
        • Joanna Hayde b 1854, Ballynaglaragh (Noan)
        • Martin Hayde b 1855, Piercetown
        • Mary Hayde b 1869, St Marys, Clonmel
        • Margaret Hayde b 1871, Garraun
      • Nelly/Ellen Head b 1818
      • Peg (Margaret) Head b 1821
      • Tom Heade b 1824
      • James Hayde b 1826
      • Michael Heade b 1826
  • Unreadable b 1749
  • Honoria Heade b 1752
  • Maria Heade b 1753
  • Catherine Heade b 1756
  • James Head b 1759. Mar Joanne Duggan
    • Joannes Head b 1790
    • Patrick Head b 1796. Mar Margaret Kirwan then Cath Kelly – Killballyherberry in 1827. Tree # 10
      • Margaret Heade b 1814.
      • Mary Head b 1815
      • Pat Hayde b 1819. Emigrated to America in circa 1847.  Lived Albany, NY State.
      • Margaret Hayde b 1824
      • John Heade b 1826. Emigrated to America circa 1850. Lived Albany, NY State.
      • Ellen Hayde b 1829
      • James Hayde b 1831. Emigrated to America circa 1853. Lived Albany, NY State.
      • Thomas Hayd b 1834
    • Bridget Head b 1799
  • Allina Head b 1762
  • Eliza Heade b 1766

Further information is provided on the families that settled in Albany in the Albany posts page.

John and Maria Monaghan

  • Ellen Heade b 1749
  • Margaret Heade b 1751
  • Richard Heade b 1752
  • Catherine Heade b 1753
  • Thomas Heade b 1756
  • Margaret Head b 1759

Descendants of the above are difficult to track from the parish records.

Other Hayde Families from this area

There are also other families in the parish records of the time that are related but the links are unknown due to the lack of paper records. These are:

Patrick and Judith Bradley

  • Martin Hayd b 1835, Killhill
  • Harry Hayd b 1837, Killhill
  • Thomas Hayd b 1839, Killenaule
  • Catherine Head b 1841, Ballynaglaragh
  • Patrick Hayde b 1844, St Peter and St Paul, Clonmel

Patrick is clearly descended from either Philip and Maria or John and Maria but the records are not clear on how. What the dates show however is that they had moved from Killhill sometime in the late 1830s. Ballinaglaragh is a sub townland of Noan, which is the area that the family spread to.  The last birth in 1844 reflects their movement further south. There is no trace of this family after these dates and I suspect they were either famine casualties or emigrated.

James and Mary Meagher/Maher – Ballinree in 1827

  • Tom Head b 1817, Leigh, Tipperary North
  • William Hayde b 1818, Ballinree
  • Nancy Heade b 1821, Ballinree
  • Mary Head b 1824, Ballinree
  • Jas or John Hayd b 1833, Ballinree

Ballinree is a townland to the north west of Dually bordering Ballysheehan.

Thomas and Mary Connors

  • Honnaria Hayde b 1841, Killhill. Married John Ware in New Brunswick in 1870.
  • John Hayde b 1844, Ballynaglaragh (Noan). Married Margaret Long in New Brunswick in 1870.
  • Michael Hayde b 1847, Curragh (probably Carrow, a townland north of Dually)

Like Patrick and Judith Bradley, Thomas and Mary also left Killhill and moved to Noan in the 1840s.  They clearly emigrated shortly thereafter as the children married in America in the 1870s.

How some of the early families in the area are all connected is not obvious from the paper records.  DNA testing however has shown that the families from Kilballyherberry, Ballinure and Noan have a common ancestor.

A map of the area showing Kill Hill and Ballinure marked is as follows:

Center map
Oct 012017

Patrick, John and James Hayde

As described in the Kilballyherberry posts page, Pat Hayde and Cath Kelly farmed a 3 acre plot in Killhill, Tipperary in the early 1800s.  They had 8 children that can be traced in the baptism records of the Boherlahan and Dually parish.

Pat is descended from Philip who was farming this land in 1766 with his wife Maria Kearney. They had 9 children and one was the grandfather of Pat.

In the 1830s Patrick defaulted on paying his tithes (taxes) and he appears to have been evicted from this farm.

Of the 8 children, 4 appear to have emigrated to America in the 1850s – Mary (b 1815), Patrick (b 1819), John (b 1826) and James (b 1831). There is no trace of descendants of any of other children in Ireland so they presumably died young.

Two of the sons, John (b 1826) and James (b 1831) were referenced in an advert in the Boston Pilot in 1865 where a nephew (Martin Dwyer) was looking to find them and their last known address was in Albany, NY. Mary (b 1815), married William Dyer in 1835 and it was probably his son Martin who was looking for John and James in 1865.

In 1850, Patrick was in Albany, NY. In 1860, he had married and had been joined by James and John who had also both married. In 1855, Patrick was noted as having been in Albany for 7 years. This probably means he arrived from Cork on the Brig D.B on 24 May 1847. John probably arrived on the Niagara on 12 Sept 1850 and James on Compromise on 7 Sept 1853. Their surnames were variously spelt as Hayde, Hade, Hayd and Head in these records.

I am not sure why they settled in Albany. Albany was a large city and a hub for transportation in the mid 1900s.  There is however no obvious reason why Patrick settled in Albany when he arrived in 1847. He was a labourer in 1850 and a servant in 1855. He didn’t marry until circa 1857 so it couldn’t have been any in-law influence.

In the 1830 and 1840 censuses, Albany was ranked as the 9th largest urban space in America and perhaps that attracted immigrants. It is shown on the map below:

The above map shows the location of Albany City in Albany County and the State of New York.

Patrick (b 1819) and Mary

Patrick (b 1819) and Mary had Ellen (b 1855), Mary (b 1860), Margaret (b 1862), James (b 1864), Katie (b 1866), Annie (b 1867), Martha (b 1869 d bef 1880), Patrick (b 1876) and John (b 1879).

Patrick was probably naturalized 1868. He was also in the 1863 Civil War Draft Registration as Head. They were in Park Ave, Albany City as Haed in 1880.

The Albany City Directories show:

  • Patrick Hayde, gas foreman, Park Ave 1874, 1875

No-one from this family were in Albany in 1900 and there does not seem to be any trace of them in other counties or states.

John (b 1826) and Mary

John (b 1826) and Mary (b 1830) had Margaret (b 1855), Hannah (b 1858), John (b 1858 d 1858) and James J (1862) and can be traced to the 1870 (as Hade), 1875 (as Hayde) and 1880 (as Hade) census records.

In 1864 the Albany Directory noted that they were living at 67 Schuyter St, the same address they were at in the 1880 census.

The 1892 census showed Mary aged 50 (b 1842), Margaret 20 (b 1872), Anna 18 (1874) and James 22 (b 1870).

In 1900, Mary was living at Mulberry St, Albany and was recorded as having had 4 children with 3 still living. Mary was with Margaret (b 1874), Hannah (b 1876) and James (b 1877).  They were noted as being her children however the dates of birth are markedly different.

By 1910 the children were still living together in Mulberry St and were all single. In 1920, just Margaret (b 1878) and Anna (b 1882) were living at 53 Mulberry St.  The ages seem to get progressively distorted.

The Albany City Directory records show:

  • John at 53 Mulberry in 1885
  • John at 53 Mulberry with James J in 1888 and 1889
  • John died 30 Apr 1891
  • Mary Hayde as a widow of John in 1891, 1892, 1896 and 1903 at 53 Mulberry St
  • James J Hayde as a boatman then gardener in 1891, 1892, 1895, 1896, 1903, 1905, 1909, 1911 also at Mulberry St
  • James J Hayde as having died 19 Nov 1914
  • Margaret M E at 53 Mulberry in 1915, 1923, 1928
  • Hannah/Ida at 53 Mulberry in 1923, 1928

Then also (with connection uncertain):

  • John and Mary Hayde at 27 Central Ave in the 1950s
  • John J Hayde as having died 16 Dec 1953
  • Mary widow of John 27 Central Ave 1955, 1957

A John Hayde, b 1868 Albany, traveled from the Bahamas to New York in 1939. He was single. He is possibly the John who died in 1953.

James (b 1831) and Mary

James (b 1831) and Mary had Margaret (b 1857), Mary (b 1855), John (1862), Patrick (b 1864 d 1864). The 1870 census however did not include Margaret and by 1875 James was also missing from the census.

The 1863 Civil War Draft Registration included James Hade from Cherry St, Albany. The 1864 and 1869 Albany Directory had them staying at Cherry, near Green. James was naturalized on 7 Aug 1868.

The Albany City Directory records show:

  • James Hayde 49 Bassett 1861
  • James Hayde, carman, 71 Cherry in 1874

(note the 1875 census did not include James)

  • Mrs James Hayde 71 Cherry in 1875, 120 Arch in 1876 and 21 Broad in 1879
  • John Hayde, labourer, 269 Green in 1874, 1875

There is no trace of them in Albany in 1880 or later census records. There is also no obvious signs of them in another county or state.





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As outlined in the Irish Research page, there were two relevant families in the Ballinure and Noan area in 1659. From the 1665/6/7 Heath records these can be seen as:

  • John at Ballinure (a townland in the civil parishes of Graystown and Ballysheehan and the Catholic parishes of Killenuale and Boherlahan and Dualla)
  • Thomas at Graystown (Noan is a townland in the civil parish of Graystown and the Catholic parish of Killenaule)

No records from the 1766 Religious census exist for this area so the Catholic parish records and the Tithe taxes in 1830 need to be relied upon to pick up the thread of ancestors.

The following families were in the Tithe records of 1830:

  • John Heade. John was at Noan. He married Elizabeth Wilson and they had a family in the late 1700s/early 1800s.
  • Edmund Heade. Edmund was at Noan. He married Ellen Carroll and they had a family in the early 1800s.
  • James Heade. James was at Noan. He married Catherine Carty and they had a family in the early 1800s. One son was at Carrow in 1850 and another at # 13 or 15 Noan in 1850. Descendants are in Noan, Ballinure and America as outlined below.

Ballinure and Noan were adjoining villages as can be seen from the map below.

These families were:

John and Elizabeth Wilson – Noan 1830

  • James Head b 1796
  • Michael Head b 1800

Edmond and Ellen CarrollNoan in 1830

  • Ellen Head b 1815, Ballinure
  • Mary Hayde b 1822, Ballinure

James and Catherine Carty – Noan in 1830 – Tree # 10

  • Ellen Hade b 1814. Mar James Fair in 1843 and emigrated 1848 to America. Settled in Wisconsin
  • James Hayde b 1818, Ballinure. Mar Cath Quinlan. Carrow in 1850 as Hayde. In 1850 they were in a house on the main road between Ballinure and Dually. They moved from this house in the 1860s and were in Thurles in 1880s-1908.
    • Mary Hayd b 1846, Carrow (a townland north of Dually)
    • James Hayd b 1849, Carrow
    • Denis Hayde b 1851, Carrow
    • Thomas Head b 1854, Garraun
  • Edmond b ?. Mar Margaret Byrne – Noan (#13 or 15) as Hayde in 1850
    • Patrick Hayde b 1839, Ballinure
    • Ellen Hayde b 1842, Ballinure
    • Margaret Hayde b 1844, Piercetown (Noan) – Mar Boston in 1873
    • Edmond Hayde b 1847, Piercetown. Mar Mary Shea.
      • Had a family in Ballinure. Some emigrated to Boston in early 1900s.
    • Richard Hayde b 1852. Mar Margaret Ellie, Boston 1882. They did not appear to have any children.
    • Kate Hayde b 1853, Piercetown
    • Alice Hayde b 1855, Ballinure – Died Boston 1887
    • Mary Hayde b 1857, Ballinure – Emigrated to Boston

By the time of the Griffiths records in 1850, there was also the following family in the area:

Patrick Hayde married Margaret Loughlin at Ballinure in 1846 – 12a Ballinure in 1850. This is in the subtownland of Piercetown

  • Mary Heade b 1847, Ballinure

They also had a Patrick….

There are also other Hayde/Heade and Hade families in the early parish records as can be seen from the detailed research notes made from the parish records, the civil records, valuation records, directories, graveyards and the 1901 and 1911 census for this area in Ballinure and Killenaule Families

These include:

Patrick and Joanna Power – Tree # 6

Patrick joined the army at Kilkenny in 1842.  One of his children were baptised in Killenaule parish which links him to the family.  This family is described in more detail in the Bury Posts page.

The DNA of a descendant is also very similar to descendants of Trees # 1, # 9 and # 10 which also links him to this area.

Edmond and Catherine Liddy. Edmond died 1865 aged 40. It is not entirely clear from the parish records who his parents were. Catherine and family emigrated to New York in the late 1860s. This is Tree # 9 and is described in more detail in the New York posts page.

Is he 9d Noan 1850 as Hayde?

  • Patrick Hayde b 1850, Ballinure
  • John Heade b 1852, Ballinure
  • Cath Hayde b 1853
  • Elizabeth Hayde b 1855, Ballinure
  • Ellen Hayde b 1857, Ballinure
  • Edmund Hayde b 1859, Ballinure
  • Mary Hayde b 1861
  • Bridget Hayde b 1863, Ballinure

The Griffiths map of the area in the 1850s is below:

Ballinure is the village in the centre.

{explain the plots}

Ballinure can also be seen at the modern map below.

Center map


The original parish church in Ballinure is now rather dilapidated as can be seen from the photo below.

This church is just outside Ballinure on the road to Dually.  It has several Hayde graveyards.

I suspect all the Hayde families from Killhill, Killenaule, Ballinure and Noan gathered at this church.

Dec 282017

As outlined in the Irish Research page, a Richard Head was at Mortelstown at the time of the 1666/7 Hearth records. This is a village just south of Killenaule and for the purposes of this web site, I have treated it as a separate family from the others around Ballinure and Killballyherberry.

He is probably one of the O’Hea families in Middlethird in the 1659 census.

There is no surviving 1766 census records for this area so the Catholic parish records and the Tithe taxes in 1830 need to be relied upon to pick up the thread of ancestors.

In 1828, a John Headd was at Pike Road, Killenaule and by 1850 Richard Hade was at the same place. A Richard Hayde was at Cashel Road, Killenaule in 1849 according to the Cashel Poor Law Rate Books. John Hayd was a blacksmith in the 1856 Slaters Directory of Killenaule. The valuation records of the 1850s showed that Richard had at forge at his house on Main Street, which became Pike St.

The Killenaule parish records showed:

Richard mar Maria Bradshaw in 1824. They were at Main St (with John, his father, next door) and Pike St, Killenaule in the 1840s to 1870s. Pike St runs off Main St as can be seen from the Griffiths map reproduced below. Richard seems to have died in the 1870s and Maria took over the property at Main St. They had:

  • Ellen Hayde b 1825, Killenaule
  • Bridget Hayd b 1826, Killenaule. Mar Delahunty 1865. Albany, NY in 1871
  • Joanna Hayd b 1828, Killenaule
  • Mary Hayde b 1833, Killenaule. Mar Patrick Quinlan. Emigrated to London.
  • William Hayde b 1836, Killenaule
  • Richard Hayde b 1841, Killenaule. Mar Mary Brien 1856.
    • James Hayde b 1857, Foulkestown (a parish bordering Killenaule parish)
    • Mary Hayde b 1859, Foulkestown
    • Bridget Hayde b 1861
    • Catherine Hayde b 1862, Foulkestown
    • James Hayde b 1864, Foulkestown. Mar Anastasia. D Pennsylvania 1944
    • Marg Hade b 1867
    • Mary Hayde b 1869, Foulkestown. Mar 1896
    • Patrick Hayde b 1871, Foulkestown
  • Patrick Hayde b 1845, Killenaule

The valuation records showed Richard arriving at Foulkestown in 1857.

This family seems to have either left the area of died out.

There is also:

John and Peggy Ryan. They married in 1832 as Haid from Killenaule. John is probably a brother of Richard. I have found no children or descendants.

I have treated this family as part of Tree # 10. The tree can be viewed at

Richard (and John) are probably descendants of Richard and Margaret Croagh who had the following children in this parish:

  • Maria Heade b 1750
  • Thomas Head b 1762
  • Jacob (James) Heade b 1765. Mar Elizabeth Wilson 1795.

    • Joannes (John) Head b 1796. Mar Mary Maher
      • James Hayde b 1825, Cashel parish
      • Cath Hayde b 1828, Mockershill (by Monameagh, Cashel parish)
      • Richard Head b 1831, Boherangh
      • Tom Hayde b 1833, Ballincloragh
      • Mary Heade b 1836, Curraghtarsna (borders Mockershill)
    • Michael b 1798
  • Patrick Head b 1767
  • Richard Heade b 1770

Given the uncommon use of Richard, the families passing this name down the generations are probably related. The precise connection cannot be proven from the surviving records.

There were also three other families in this parish (of Killenaule) in the mid 1700s. These were:

1) Patrick and Joanna Fogerty from Killenaule who married in 1752

  • Ellen Heade b 1755

2) Michael and Ellen Wilson who married in 1792

  • Joannes (John) Head b 1793, Killenaule
  • Ellen Head b 1794

I have found no obvious descendants of these two families.