Jan 222015

Descendants from this area can be traced back to one of:

  • Patrick Hayde/Hade, who in 1770 farmed 5 acres at Ballylennon, that he had leased from Chris Walker,
  • John Hayde, who in 1830 farmed 8 acres in Ballyvergal, or
  • Michael Hayde, who had a small landholding at Rutland (Urglin) in 1830, or
  • Patrick Hade, who had a small landholding at Straboe in 1833,

Ballylennon, Ballyvergal and Urglin are within a mile of each other while Straboe is 5 miles away.

The Ballylennon and Ballyvergal families signed Oaths of Allegience to the Crown authorities in 1798, probably to avoid being evicted.  They were also active in the local militia at the time.

The Catholic parish records started in 1787 (Carlow) and 1806 (Tinryland).  These are the earliest records.  There is no sign of them in the area in the 1600s.

I know from DNA tests on descendants that the DNA of this family is very similar to the families that originated in Ballinure (Trees 1, 9, 10 etc) therefore the Carlow families seemingly originated in Tipperary and moved north.  There are many theories as to why but none yet proven.

The detailed research on the area can be viewed at Carlow Families

As mentioned in the research notes above, there is a place in Carlow called Ballyhade.  It is just north of the town of Palatine which is close by Ballylennon and Ballyvergal. In a 1790 map it was shown as Ballyheath.  I have asked people who have lived in Palatine if they know of the origins of the name and have also inquired at the Carlow library.  I have not found any information on the derivation of this name so do not know if there is any connection between this place and our name.

Descendants have been traced to America as well as many others who have stayed in the area.  Those that I have traced have all adopted the Hade surname.

The tree of the earlier Carlow ancestors is: