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As described in the Irish Research page, the tax records of 1666/7 showed a James Head at Rathdangin in the parish of St Patricksrock, Fethard. Rathdangin and St Patricksrock are suburbs of Fethard.

Fethard is in the barony of Middlethird which in the 1659 census only showed 8 Headen and 5 O’Hea families.  They were either counted as part of the O’Hea numbers or ignored due to their low usage.

By 1766, an Edm Head was in the village of Killusty in the parish of Kiltinan, Fethard. He is probably a descendant of the family in Fethard in 1666. It is also possible that he came from parishes further north however my current assumption is that they are linked.

Killusty is South West of Fethard as shown below:

This family posts section focuses on the families around the adjoining parishes of Drangan, Mullinahone and Fethard.


In the early 1800s, when the Catholic parish records began, the following families were in the Drangan and Mullinahone areas:

  • Michael, who was at Cappadrummin (also spelt Cappadroma) in 1828 (by Kiltinan)
  • Edmond, who was at Cloran in 1830
  • William, who was at Knockelly in 1833

Also at Cloran at the same time as Edmond was James. He didn’t feature in the Tithe records so must have been with Edmond on the 19 acres that Edmond farmed. They were probably brothers.

A John Head/Hayde was in Bannixtown in the 1830s and 1840s.  This village is nor far from Cloran and he may be another brother of Edmond and James. I have not found any trace of descendants of John.

Cloran and Cappadrummin are all close to Killusty in the Fethard parish as can be seen from the map below while Knockelly is a bit further North.

By the 1850s, a John Hayde was at Graigue, a townland further south from Killusty, around the mountain of Slievenamon, by Kilsheelan.

Michael and Mary Gorman.

They married 1813 in Drangan parish and both were recorded as from Killusty. Michael was actually called Edmd in the marriage records although all the baptisms referred to him as Michael. He is probably a descendant of the Edm who was in Killusty in 1766. They had the following children:

  • James Head b 1816. Mar Mary Doran 1843 as Hayde from Cloran.
    • James Hayd b 1843, Drangan.
    • Bridget Head b 1847, Drangan. Mar Vermont 1871
    • Robert Hayde b 1845, Corbally. Mar Mary Mahoney. Corbally is a village a mile North East of Drangan. In the 1880s they were living in Fethard.
      • Mary Hayde b 1866. Mar 1892
      • James Hayde b 1869. He joined the Militia in 1887 at Clonmel. He later served in the Royal Irish Rifles. Mar Mary Mitchell 1899. They emigrated to New York on the Oceanic in March 1900. He was a shoemaker/bootmaker.
        • James Hayde b 1902
        • Ann Hayde b 1904
        • Mary Hayde b 1906
        • Robert Hayde b 1909
      • Alice Hayd b 1870. Mar 1898
      • Catherine Hayde b 1872. Mar 1918
      • John Hayde b 1874. He joined the army Militia in 1891 at Clonmel. Mar Johanna Whelan, Clonmel 1907 and was still there in 1911.
        • Margaret Mary Hayde b 1909
      • Bridget Hayde b 1876
      • Unknown female b 1880. Mar 1896
      • Ellen Hayde b 1882
  • Anne Head b 1817
  • Timothy Head 1820
  • Ellen Head b 1823
  • Mary Heade b 1826
  • Michael Hayde b 1829
  • Bridget Heade b 1832
  • Cath Hayde b 1835
  • Judy Hade b 1836

James, Anne, Timothy and Ellen were baptised in the Drangan parish while the later children were baptised in the Fethard parish records. In the 1830s the parish records described them as being from Cappadrummin and is where Michael Heade was recorded in the Tithe records as farming 2 acres in 1828.

Edmond and Margaret English. They had:

  • Mary Head b 1814
  • Judith Head b 1816
  • Bridget Headin b 1819
  • Thomas Head b 1822
  • John Head b 1824
  • Margaret Head b 1825
  • Ellen Hayde b 1828, Cloran

Edmond was in the Tithe records of 1830 as Headd. He was farming 19 acres at # 25 and the English family were at # 33.

Edmond died 1834 and left his estate to Margaret. Mary (nee Gorman) was the householder on this property in the 1840s but she had gone by 1849 and there is no family presence here in the 1850s.

James and Mary Fitzgerald. They had:

  • Mary Head b 1815
  • Richard Head b 1818. Mar Mary Shea 1842
    • James Head b 1842, Kilnagranagh
    • Patrick Head, b 1844, Cloran. Mar Bridget Lee, Bennington, Vermont, USA, 1872. Patrick arrived in 1871 according to his Naturalisation records although there is no surviving immigration record, and he was Naturalised in 1873. There is no obvious 1880 census record for them. The 1900 American census showed Bridget as having 6 children with 3 living at that time.
      • Mary Hayde b 1873 Brooklyn
      • Edward Hayde b 1876 Albany
      • Margaret Hayde b 1878
    • Richard Head b 1846, Kilna. Mar Margaret Kenny. Richard died in 1927 and left his estate to his daughter Mary.
      • Mary Hade b 1887. Mary died in 1945 and left the estate to a non family member.
      • William Hade b 1889. He died in 1942 and he left his estate to a non family member.
    • Mary Head b 1849, Kilna
    • Margaret Head b 1852, Cappaghmore
    • Thomas Hayde b 1854, Cappa. Died of a disease of the lungs in Cashel Workhouse in 1878.
    • John Head b 1857, Cappa. John probably lived on a small plot at Kilnagranagh (12B) until he died in 1939.  There was no record of a marriage or children in the civil records.
    • Mary Hayde b 1860, Cappa
  • Anne Head b 1821
  • Bridget Head b 1824. Mar William Keevan 1846
  • Thomas Hayde b 1829
  • Patrick Hayde b 1832, Cloran. Mar Johanna Lyons.  This is Tree # 11. Descendants are discussed more in the Connecticut Posts and the tree can be seen at

James was not in the Tithe records and was probably with Edmond in Cloran.

William and Alice Delaney.  They had:

  • Margaret Head b 1817
  • Bridget Head b 1818
  • Edmond Head b 1824

William was in the Tithe records of Knockelly as Hayde. They must have had more children as a Thomas Hayde was on this land in 1846 until 1882.

In the 1860s Thomas was before the courts on a number of petty crimes and a Judith Hayde was a witness on one occasion.

John and Margaret Burns, at Kilsheelan, Graigue

  • Michael b abt 1807. Mar Margaret Barnable in 1857 as Heade and emigrated to America as Hade in 1857 and settled in Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts. They were Hade in 1865, 1870, 1880 and 1900 but Margaret (senior) was Hayde in 1910. In 1900, Margaret was a widow. She arrived in 1857 (presumably with Michael) and had 11 children with 3 living. I have not found their arrival or naturalization. Michael was also recorded in the Draft Registration records in 1863. Their children were:
    • Margaret b 1861
    • Anna/Fanny b 1862
    • John b 1864 (not in 1870 census)
    • Teresa/Tracey b 1866
    • Kate b 1867
    • Mary b 1868, married Sweetland
    • Alexander b 1872, d 1890
    • Catherine B b 1875
    • Michael T b 1878, d 1888
    • ANO
    • ANO
  • John Hade b 1842

In the 1849 valuation records, the widow Catherine Hade was at Graigue Lower while in 1846 a Patrick Hayde was a Modeshill (Sankey) – by Graigue. I am not sure how these are connected.


There was no sign of any relatives in the Tithe records of the 1830s however by the time of the Griffiths in 1850, a Michael Hade was in Cashel St, Fethard.

Michael and Anne Sweeney. They had:

  • Judith Hayde b 1835
  • Mary Hade b 1837
  • William Hade b 1839
  • Patrick Hayde b 1841
  • Lawrence Hayde b 1843
  • Alice Hade b 1846

Michael presumably descended from…..

Robert (b 1845, son of Michael and Mary Gorman from Drangan above) and Mary Mohoney were ……..

Also in the Fethard parish were:

John and Ellen Bergan. They married as Heade in 1826 and had

  • John Hayde b 1826. John probably joined the RIC and established Tree # 8.  This tree is outlined further in the Naas and Dublin posts page.


Nov 302017

John and Elizabeth Short

In 1849, John Hayde joined the Royal Irish Constabulary.  In the enlistment papers he was recorded as being born in 1830 in Tipperary South, he was a carpenter by trade and was 5 foot 8 1/8th inches tall.

He served for 30 years and was pensioned in 1879.

He raised his family in Naas, Kildare and descendants ran various shops in Naas in the late 1800s and 1900s. The shops are famous in Naas. One current shop looks like:

As outlined in the Fethard Posts page, I think he was the son of John and Ellen Bergan baptised in the Fethard parish on 23 December 1826. There are no other relevant records.

John and Elizabeth had:

  • Patrick J Hayde b 1862, Baltinglass. Mar Catherine Shea 1869, Dublin
  • Mary Hayde b 1866, Naas
  • Julie Anne Hayde b 1868, Naas
  • Edward Joseph Hayde b 1870, Naas. Mar Margaret Dermody 1896, Bray. Edward joined RIC then became a storekeeper.
    • John Michael Hayde b 1898, Wexford. John was a seaman and travelled extensively between the UK and America in the 1920s and 1930s. Mar Mary O’Brien 1926 in England. Descendants are in England
    • Edward Joseph Hayde b 1902. D 1916 Dublin
    • Matthew Thomas Hayde b 1906, Brentford, Essex, England. Emigrated to America in 1927. Mar Ellen McFarlane 1929 in Philidephia. He was a mechanic is 1930
    • Patrick Peter Hayde b 1911, Dublin. Mar Mary Byrne in 1937. Descendants are in Dublin
    • Michael Hayde b 1914, Dublin. Mar Catherine Kavanagh. Descendants are in Dublin
  • Bridget Hayde b 1871. D 1880
  • Kate Hayde b 1971. D 1873
  • Elizabeth M Hayde b 1872, Naas
  • John Francis Hayde b 1873, Naas. Mar Rebecca Baker 1896, Naas
    • Christopher Hayde b 1896
    • Mary Hayde b 1898
    • Rebecca Hayde b 1900, Naas
    • John Joseph Hayde b 1902, Naas. Mar Katherine Curran. Descendants are in Naas, Dublin and England
    • Elizabeth M Hayde b 1906, Naas
    • David Hayde b 1911. Mar Sheila Phillips 1945. Descendants are in Dublin
  • Ester Agnes Hayde b 1876

The DNA of a descendant does not match that of any other families so more testing is required to confirm linkages.

John and his family are shown in the following tree

Nov 192017

Patrick b 1832 and Johanna Lyons

According to descendants, Patrick Hayde was born circa 1830 in Co Tipperary and emigrated to America in the early 1850s.

The most likely baptism record is that of a Patrick Hayde in the parish of Fethard, Tipperary in 1832. He was the son of James and Mary Fitzgerald. They lived in the village of Cloran, to the south east of Fethard. This family is explained in more detail in the Fethard and Drangan posts page.

By 1860 Patrick had married Johanna Lyons, they had started a family and were living in Salisbury, Connecticut.

The map below shows the city of Salisbury in the county of Litchfield in Connecticut State.

Patrick (b 1832) and Johanna (nee Lyons b 1835) were in the Salisbury, Connecticut 1860 census (as Haide) with their 4 children – John (b 1854), Lawrence (b 1855), Ellen (b 1856) and Mary (b 1856).  The children were all born in Conn. Patrick died in 1885 and Johanna in 1904.  The 1900 census recorded her as having arrived 1850. There are two arrival records in the name of Johanna Lyons around this time. These are:

  • At New York on 23 July1850 aged 20 (b 1830) on the Universe.
  • At Boston on 16 Jan 1850 aged 18 (b 1832)

Possible arrival dates in America for Patrick include:

  • As Patrick Head aged 23.  Arrived 1 July 1851 on Robert Kelly from Liverpool
  • Patt Head aged 30. Arrived 26 May 1851 on Harmony from Liverpool.  Place of origin stated as Tipperary.

The gravestones for Patrick stated that he was born Tipperary however the death certificate of his son Lawrence says Limerick.

John (b 1854) and Mary Rigler

John married Mary Rigler and they had 5 children John Francis (b 1883), Mary A (b 1886), Frank Joseph (b 1887), Johanna J (b 1889) and (Elizabeth M (b 1890).

Frank Joseph had a large family and descendants are in Connecticut and Canada. His descendants are:

  • Mary Agnes b 1914
  • Charles Joseph b 1916
    • Charles Joseph Jnr b 1938
    • Mary Lee
    • Roger W (in Ontario in 2007)
  • Francis Elizabeth b 1918
  • Katherine V b 1921
  • Gloria J b 1923
  • Helen R b 1925

Lawrence (b 1855)

Lawrence was single in 1920 and died in 1930.

Ellen (b 1856)

There is no record of Ellen surviving to adulthood.

Mary (b 1856) and Richard Deneen

Mary married Richard Deneen and had a large family.  This family has been well researched and documented.


Patrick died in 1885 and by 1900 Johanna was still living in Salisbury with the rest of the family (as Hayde).

Descendants are in Litchfield Connecticut.

I have shared information with descendants of Mary and Richard Deneen but have not traced any descendants of John.  Any further information would be welcome.

The family tree can be found at