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Patrick Hayde joined the 31st Foot at Kilkenny on 10 April 1842 aged 18 (b 1824).  His army attestation recorded that he was born in Fethard parish and was a tailor by trade.

A later document records his birth at 17 March 1827, which if correct, means he enlisted when he was 15.

In 1846 he was transferred to the 50th Foot and then to the 32rd Regiment where he served until 1853, when he was discharged due to ill health (a disease of the lungs).

He later joined the 20th Foot at Cahir in 1858 as a sergeant (two weeks after the birth of his second child) and purchased his discharge in 1863. He planned to return to being a tailor on discharge.

From 1863 to 1866 he was instructing privately.

He married Johanna Power in 1855 in Clonmel (where the regiment was based) and they had 6 sons and 4 daughters. They lived in Ireland to 1858 then at Taunton (1864, 1866), Portsmouth (1868, 1870), Liverpool (1873) and Bury (1875).  In 1866 he was a tailor, in 1868 he was a civil guard in Portsea, by 1870 he was a sick bay steward on HMS Volage, by 1873 a Greenwich pensioner and in 1875 a Chelsea pensioner.

One of their sons was baptised in Killenaule parish where many other Haydes lived. This was in 1862 when Patrick was with the regiment in Montreal and Johanna presumably went back to her home parish while Patrick was overseas.

This Tree is genetically linked to Trees 1, 9 and 10 that all originate from the same area of Tipperary (ie the Ballinure area).

Patrick died in 1880 and at the time of the 1881 census his wife Johanna was living in Hornby Street, Bury, with 9 children (one had died young). Two of these children, William A (born 1860) and George Vincent (born 1866), emigrated to America in the 1880s. The rest stayed and their many descendants are mainly in this area, although in the last 30 years have spread south. I have not located any descendants of William and George in America.

A copy of the early generations of this family tree is:

Tree # 6