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There was no sign of Hayde (or anything similar) in this area in the 1659 census or the 1664 Hearth Money Records.

The original Hearth records were destroyed in the Four Courts fire of 1922.  Transcripts from the Kilkenny area are in the St Kieran’s College, Kilkenny and have been reproduced in the Irish Geneologist in 1974 and 1975. These records show various Hayden, Headon, Headon families but not anything like Heade, Hayde, Haide. These entries were also in different locations to where the Heade etc families appeared in the 1800s so I believe are not related.

The Tithe records are therefore the earliest available records. These records showed families in two areas:

Lisdowney Parish (1830)

  • Nicholas Head on 0a 2r 16p at Seskin (Aharney). I have not been able to locate Nicholas in the parish records
  • Martin Head on 1 acre at Lisdowney, Aharney. I have also not been able to locate Martin in the parish records.

Urlingford Parish (1820)

  • James Head on 1a 2r 16p at Tubbrid. Mar Catherine Drisdale
  • Edmond Head at Carranconnell. Mar Ellen Lahy

James and Edmond were both Tithe defaulters.

The Griffiths records of 1849 showed:

Lisdowney Parish

  • Thomas Hayde on 0a 0r 16p at Frankfort or Ballykieran. Mar Mary Bergan
  • Mary Head on a very small plot at Lisdowney.

Urlingford Parish

  • Thomas Head at Tubbrid Lower. Mar Mary Dowling. Son of James. They were on 3a 1r 19p owned by Arthur St George Esq, who was descended from Lt Arthur St George an officer in the Cromwellian army.
  • Edmund Head at Craddockstown. Mar Ellen Lahy. They were on 2a 0r 21p owned by John Leahy.
  • John Hade at Urlingford. Mar Margaret Kean. They were on 1a 2r 16p of land owned by Viscount Mountgarrett. He owned 20,000 acres in 1640 and was the second largest landowner, behind the Earl of Ormond, at the time.

Lisdowney – Frankfort/Ballykieran and Foyle

The families in this area were:

Edmund Head (b circa 1750) and Judith

  • Philip and Catherine Magher. Mar 1778, from Skinbutler, Aharney

    • Mary Heade b 1814, Aharney.

Thomas (b circa 1795) and Mary Bergan – Frankfort in 1849

  • Cath Heade b 1818, Whitegate. Mar Wiley
  • Alice Heade b 1820, Whitegate. Mar Martin Dunn 1853

Edward (b circa 1800) and Cath Farrell

  • James Heade b 1821, Parksgrove. Pos married Mary Hackett – see below
  • Elizabeth Heade b 1824, Parksgrove
  • Anne Head b 1825, Parksgrove
  • William Head b 1826, Parksgrove

Philip (b circa 1820), from Ballygowney, mar Catherine Butler 1843

  • Thomas Head b 1843, Ballygowney
  • Mary Heade b 1851
  • Bridget Heade b 1853
  • Philip Heade b 1856. Single in 1901

James (b circa 1830) mar Mary Hackett Gortnahoe parish, 1858

  • Thomas Heade b 1858, Whitegate. Mar Mary Hogan
  • Mary Heade b 1859, Whitegate
  • Margaret Heade b 1861, Whitegate
  • James Head b 1863, Whitegate
  • Philip Haide b 1866, Balleen. D Urlingford 1891
  • Michael Heade b 1868. A carpenter. Mar Julia Walsh. Julia emigrated with her sister in 1904 after Michael died in 1902. Her son stayed in Urlingford.
    • James Hayde b 1898, Johnstown. In 1901 was living with his uncle, James in Urlingford. He visited his mother in America in 1921
  • Catherine Heade b 1870, Whitegate

John (b circa 1840), from Foyle mar Margaret Dalton 1861

  • Thomas Head b 1862, Whitegate
  • James Heade b 1864, Foyle
  • John Heade b 1866, Foyle (Balleen). Mar Ellen Doran 1898
    • William Hayde b 1899, Clomantagh
    • Margaret Hayde b 1901. D 1909
    • Mary Hayde b 1903. Emigrated to Canada 1930
    • John Hayde b 1905. D 1977. Lived in America
    • Thomas Hayde b 1907. Descendants are in Dublin and Urlingford
    • Michael Hayde b 1909. D 1928
    • James Hayde b 1910
    • Edward Hayde b 1912. Descendants in Urlingford and Dublin
  • Catherine Heade b 1871, Foyle

Urlingford – Carranconnell, Craddockstown, Woodsgift and Tubbrid

The families in this area were:

James (b circa 1790) and Catherine Drisdale

  • Joanna Heade b 1808, Tubbrid
  • Thomas Heade b 1811, Woodsgift. Mar Mary Dowling 1844. Griffiths 1849
    • Cath Head b 1845, Graine
    • James Hade b 1847, Tubbrid Lower
    • Bridget Hade b 1851, Tubbrid
    • Mary Hade b 1859. Knocknamuck
    • Elizabeth Hade b 1861, Knocknamuck
    • Thomas Hade b 1864, Knocknamuck

Edmond (b circa 1810) and Ellen Lahy – Craddockstown 1849

  • Margaret Heade b 1831, Craddockstown
  • William Head b 1832, Craddockstown. Mar Mary Cass 1864 as Hayde. William and Mary emigrated to America with their children in 1880. They are described further in the Massachusetts Posts page.
    • Edward Head b 1865. Died Phil, USA 1935
    • Mary Heade b 1866, Woodsgift
    • John Heade b 1870, Urlingford
    • James Heade b 1871, Woodsgift. D 1872
    • Sarah Heade b 1873, Woodsgift
    • Catherine Heade b 1874, Carranconnell
    • Patrick Heade b 1876, Darbyshill
    • Sarah Heade b 1879, Darbyshill
  • James Head b 1834, Craddockstown
  • Kitty (Catherine) Heade b 1835, Craddockstown
  • Ellen Heade b 1838, Craddockstown

John (b circa 1820) and Margaret Kean – Urlingford 1849

  • Richard Hade b 1841, Urlingford
  • Catherine Head b 1843
  • Michael Heade b 1845, Urlingford

The detailed records from this area are at Urlingford, Kilkenny Families

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From Urlingford (Tree # 4)

As described in the Urlingford posts page, several descendants from this area settled in Massachusetts.  These families are outlined below.

Descendants of James and Mary Hackett

Julia Hayde (b 1878) arrived Boston on 10 Sept 1904 with her sister Kate Kavanagh.  They were heading for Brunswick, NJ when they first arrived.  They were both widowed.

In 1908 Julia was living in Boston with Kate when she did a return trip from Ireland. In 1910 she was working at the South Department Boston City Hospital.

Julia had married Michael Hayde who died in Urlingford in 1902. They had a son, James b 1897, who stayed in Ireland.  In 1911, he was living with his uncle James in Urlingford.  James and his wife had no children of their own. James visited his mother in America in 1921 on the Celtic when she was living at 248 E 39th Street New York.  At the time he was a shop assistant in Kilkenny.

James stayed and became a citizen in 1928. In 1930, he was in Franklin St, Brookline, Mass (as Hyde) with his wife Anna and daughter.

Descendants of John and Ellen Doran

Mary Hayde

Mary Hayde (b 1903) arrived in Montreal on 7 Sept 1930.  She travelled with John Doran and they were both from The Commons, Thurles. She was to stay with the Sisters of Service and he with a friend in Montreal.

John Hayde

John Hayde (b 1905) from Clomanagh arrived in NY on 26 Oct 1930. He was to stay with a cousin Michael Maher at 80 E 121st St.

He died in Ireland in 1977 as a USA pensioner.

Descendants of Edmond and Ellen Lahy

William (b 1832) from Craddockstown, Kilkenny arrived in NY on 28 Jun 1880 (as Heade). He and his wife Mary Cass had a family in Urlingford parish in the 1860s and 1870s.

Mary and three children, Edmund (b 1865), Patrick (b 1876), and Sarah (b 1879) arrived in NY on 30 May 1881 (as Heade). They had a further child, Francis Joseph Heade, in 1887. In 1900 they were living Glassboro, Gloucester, NJ. This family has adopted the Heade surname. Edmund, Patrick and Francis all married.

From Ireland to Charleston, Boston, Massachusetts (Tree # 24)

Charlestown is the oldest neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. It is located on a peninsula north of the Charles River, across from downtown Boston, and also adjoins the Mystic River and Boston Harbor. Charlestown was originally a separate town and the first capital of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Charlestown became a city in 1848 and was annexed by Boston on January 5, 1874. With that, it also switched from Middlesex County, to which it had belonged since 1643, to Suffolk County. It has had a substantial Irish American population since the migration of Irish people during the Great Irish Famine of the 1840s.

James Hayde (b 1836) and Margaret

A Charleston, Boston family from Ireland can be traced back to a James and Margaret Hade who had the following children:

James, a mariner, (b Ireland 1836) and Bridget Wade. Married Charleston 1864. James was a marble cutter in 1880. They had:

  • Margaret b 1865 Charleston
  • Thomas E J Hayde b 1866 Charleston who married Louise Fontaine in 1895. He died 1900. They had:
    • Ruth b 1898
  • Helen T Hayde b 1868. Carpet weaver, married 1899
  • James Francis Hayde b Boston, 16 June 1874. Clerk (Hayde, Mintz and Good) 1895-1908. He was a chauffeur at the time of the WW1 Drafts.
  • Richard Hayde, marble polisher in 1895-1899
  • Michael Hayde, marble worker 1908
  • John Hayde, Floorman 1885-1889 (assumed relationship)
  • Alice b 1842. Married Joseph Connor, Charleston 1862 (assumed relationship)

They were Hayd in 1865, Hyde in the 1880 census, Hayde in the city directories. In the 1900 census, James, Bridget and James together with Thomas and Louise were Hayde.

The 1900 census stated that James arrived 1850. Bridget had 6 children with 5 living. I have not found James in either 1850, 1855 or 1860 census.

From Ireland to Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts (Tree # 24)

Michael Hayde and Mary

Two children of Michael and Mary married in Massachusetts.  They were:

  • John Hayde, a hostelier born Ireland in 1837. He married Catherine Ryan in 1864
  • Maggie Hayde, born Ireland 1848. She married James Carney

I could not find John and Catherine in the 1870 or 1880 census records.

In 1907, a Mary Hayde placed an advert in ‘The Boston Pilot’ seeking Michael Joseph Hayde, born Boston 1867, a son of John and Catherine Ryan of Tipperary. Michael had last been heard of 13 years ago (1894) in Buffalo, NY. Mary lived in Joy St, Boston and was born in 1860 in Ireland according to the 1900 census. She arrived in 1874, although I could not find her in the arrival records.

The closest Irish connection is to a Michael and Mary Cahill in Ballingarry parish.  The parish records show a John in 1834 and a Margaret in 1843.

The city directories of 1885 – 1899 recorded Richard Hayde, a hostelier, and his widow Margaret. Given he had the same (and unusual) occupation to John he may well have been a son. There was no sign of them in 1900.

From Ireland to Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts (Tree # 24)

Quincy is the largest city in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, United States. It is a major part of Metropolitan Boston and is Boston’s immediate southern suburb. Quincy became a city in 1888.

For more than a century, Quincy was home to a thriving granite industry; the city was also the site of the Granite Railway, the United States’ first commercial railroad.

David Hade and Margaret

David Hade (b 1825) and Margaret were both born Ireland and were in Quincy in 1860. They had:

  • Mary b 1861
  • Walter John b 1863 (died 1882)

David was a stone cutter. I have not found their arrival records.