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Apart from the main families that settled in New York and Chicago, which are covered under the Tipperary (Ballinure, Ballingarry and Killballherberry), Carlow, Kilkenny and Kildare/Wicklow sections, there are a number of other families from Ireland that settled in America.  For some of these the Irish origins have been identified and others not.

These are:

1) Families that settled in Massachusetts such as:

  • James Hayde and Margaret in Charleston, Boston
  • Michael Hayde and Mary in Boston, Suffolk (from Tipperary)
  • David Hade and Margaret in Quincy, Norfolk

These are part of Tree # 24 and are covered in more detail in the Massachusetts Posts page. Their Irish origin is not known.

2) Families from Urlingford that settled in Massachetts such as:

  • Descendants of James and Mary Hackett, John and Ellen Doran and Edmond and Ellen Lahy (Tree # 4)

3) Families that settled in New York such as:

  • John and Ann in New York City
  • Thomas and Mary in Queens
  • Patrick and Catherine

The Irish origins of these families is unknown.

4) A family from Meath that settled in Oregan. This is Tree # 17 and is covered in more detail in the Meath Posts page.

5) Families that settled in Indiana. This is Tree # 19 and is covered in more detail in the Indiana Posts page.

6) Families that settled in Saint Louis, Missouri. This is Tree # 22 and is covered in more detail in the St Louis Posts page.


There are also Heade families that originated from Galway and Cork in Ireland.  I have not documented these as I’m not sure how or if these families are linked to the others from Ireland.

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As mentioned in the Early Irish History page, there were 6 Head families in Ratoath, Meath in 1659.


Ratoath is north east of Dublin as can be seen from the map below

Center map


There are no records between this time and the start of the Catholic parish records so it is not possible to determine who those families were and the history can only be picked up when the church records started.

The Ratoath Catholic records started in 1781 and the relevant families are:

John and Catherine Moore. Catherine probably in Rathdrinagh as Heade in 1854

  • Nicholas Head b 1792
  • Richard Head 1794
  • Thomas Head b 1795
  • Mary Head b 1797
  • Elizabeth Head v 1799
  • Anne Head b 1803
  • Margaret Head b 1803
  • Nicholas Head b 1806
  • Elizabeth Head b 1812
  • Bridget Head b 1815

Richard and Jane Brannan. In Ratoath Town in 1828 as Haid

  • Bridget Head b 1801
  • Elizabeth Head b 1801
  • Cath Head b 1812

Thomas married Bridget Keegan in 1796. In Ratoath Town as Haid in 1859

  • Christian Head in 1797
  • Thos Head b 1798

Patrick married Judith Fagan in 1817. Judith was in Ratoath Town as Haid in 1854.

  • Michael Head b 1818
  • John Head b 1820
  • Richard Heade b 1824. Mar Ann Crosby. Was a publican (as a Hayde) and died 1866 (as Hayde). Ann Hayde was adjudged bankrupt in 1878.
  • Anne Heade b 1826
  • Alice Hade b 1828. Mar 1852
  • Mary Haide b 1831

The parish also recorded the deaths of

  • Nicholas Head in 1791
  • Patrick Head in 1795
  • Richard Head in 1815
  • Thomas Head in 181

The ages are not stated but they could well have been adults from the earlier generation. The commonality of the use of Nicholas proves a clue to the family linkages.

The records for the parish of Dunboyne, a parish adjoining Ratoath, had the following family:

Nicholas and Bridget Mullady

  • Richard Hade b 1799
  • Nicholas Hade b 1804

Thomas and Anne Cannon

  • Thomas Hade b 1809

The 1901 census records had no relevant entries.


I have found a Nicholas Heade living in Duleek, Meath in the 1850s.  Interestingly the parish and civil records show his children named as Hade and Hayde as well as Heade.

As can be seen from the map below, Duleek is situated on the main road between Dublin and Belfast.

Center map


He was the son of Nicholas who died in 1873 aged 85 (ie b circa 1788). There is no record of any Heade/Hade/Hayde in Duleek in the Tithe records of the early 1800s so I can only assume that some time between 1830 and 1854 Nicholas, together with members of his family, arrived in Duleek.  They were labourers rather than farmers and they presumably went there in search of employment.

Given the use of Nicholas in Ratoath, they were probably descended from a Ratoath family. Possibly either:

  • John and Catherine Moore who had a Nicholas in 1792 (and 1806!)
  • Nicholas and Bridget Mullady who had a Nicholas in 1804

This family can be summarised as:

Nicholas b circa 1788. D 1873. His wife probably died before civil registration began in 1864.

  • Nicholas b circa 1830 and Mary Carroll Eustace. Nicholas died Duleek 1888 aged 58
    • John Hayde b 1864, Duleek. D 1912. Mar Mary Anne Skelly in 1889
      • Mary Christina Heade b 1891
      • Nicholas Patrick Heade b 1892. Mar Kathleen Finegan 1918
        • John A Heade b 1919, Ardee
        • Nicholas Patrick Heade b 1921, Ardee
        • James Declan Heade b 1923, Ardee
        • Imelda G Heade b 1926, Oregan
        • Sodelbia M Heade b 1931, Oregan
      • Katherine Heade b 1893
      • Josephine Mary Heade b 1895
      • Agnes Mary Heade b 1897
      • James Patrick Heade b 1900
      • Cecilia Heade b 1903
      • Philomenia Heade b 1905
      • John Joseph Heade b 1909

John died in Duleek in 1912. Mary remarried Michael Barker in 1913 and emigrated to America with some of the children in 1920.  They arrived in Philadelphia and settled in Oregan.

Nicholas and Kathleen arrived in 1924 with their 3 young children.

Mary Anne with two children outside the restaurant they ran in the Main Street of Duleek. Taken early 1900s

The Philadelphia arrival records in 1920 show that they were to live with Patrick Skelly in Portland, Oregan.  This was Mary Annes’ father and explains why they emigrated to Oregan.

The detailed research I have undertaken is at Meath Families

The family tree can be viewed at