Jan 222015

I have found a Nicholas Heade living in Duleek, Meath in the 1850s.  Interestingly the parish and civil records show his children named as Hade and Hayde as well as Heade.

There is no record of any Heade/Hade/Hayde in Duleek in the Tithe records of the early 1800s so I can only assume that some time between 1830 and 1854 Nicholas, together with members of his family, arrived in Duleek.  They were labourers rather than farmers and they presumably went there in search of employment.

Descendants emigrated to America.

I have yet to understand where Nicholas was before he went to Duleek, why he went there and if he is connected to other Trees.

The detailed research I have undertaken is at Meath Families

The early family tree is: