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There are few relevant signs of related families in Canada. The main ones are listed below.


In 1851, a Thomas Hayde was farming at Terrebonne, Quebec. Terrebonne is a suburb of Montreal.

The city of Terrebonne is made up of three founding districts namely Terrebonne, Lachenaie and La Plaine. These districts used to be separate cities but in 2001, they were merged to form the current City of Terrebonne.

The district of Lachenaie is located along the northern shores of Mille-îles River, opposite the Rivière des Prairies. The now suburban area was previously a farming village and it was also the first settlement of European colonists. The district was then called “La Chesnaye” (1673) and was under seigneur Charles-Aubert de La Chesnaye. In 1855, it was named Saint-Charles-de-Lachenaie. The name was shortened to “Lachenaie” in 1972. In 1734 and 1735, the first church and manor (respectively) in Lachenaie were constructed under the orders of Abbot Louis Lepage de Ste-Claire.

In the 1830, parts of Mascouche, Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, Saint-Lin and Terrebonne comprised the district of La Plaine. The economy of this city grew when a rail system was established and in 1877, Saint Joachim was founded, which was renamed “La Plaine” in 1920. Another road to an economic growth is through the collaboration between the lords of Terrebonne and Lachenaie. A road that joins the two cities was built and was called “chemin de la Grande Ligne”. This is now known as boulevard Laurier.

Terrebonne is located in Central Quebec

His family can be summarised as:

Thomas b 1798 and Anastasia Gainer. They married Killarney, Kerry, Ireland in 1815. Thomas was in the Tipperary Militia at the time and that they were described as both from Killa????. This could be Killarune or perhaps Killenaule.  A record (in French) dated 29 Jan 1835 for a transaction in Terrebonne showed he was here by then.

  • Winifred Hayde b 1819, Ireland. Mar Patrick O’Hara
  • Bridget Hayde b 1824, Ireland. Mar Finton Delahunty or Delany 1854. D 1868.
  • Thomas Hayde b 1827, Ireland. He joined army at St Louis in 1849. Mar Ann Gorman circa 1852 and d 1859. Ann remarried a McDonald in Canada circa 1865
    • Richard Hayde b 1853, British Columbia. Carpenter. Single in 1910. In Manhattan Almshouse in 1919
    • Mary Hayde b 1856, British Columbia. Mar ? Egan. New York with brothers in 1910
    • John Hayde b 1857, British Columbia. Carpenter. Mar Mary Otis
      • Celia Hayde b 1892, New York
      • Annie Hayde b 1896, New York
    • Thomas Hayde b 1858, British Columbia. Carpenter. No sign of him after 1880

John and Thomas were in Washington, NY State in 1880 and by 1900 were in New York City with brother Richard.

There does not appear to be a male descendant of this family.


There were some families in Ontario in 1871 and 1881.

The relevant Canadian records are summarised at {add}.