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The Dublin families can be shown in tabular form as below.  A much more detailed summary of the various families from the parish, civil and other records can be seen at Dublin City Families

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Central City

Summary of Early Heads of Families.

Tree # 18

North side New market/ Tenters Walshes Row/ Penders Court/ Dorset Summerhill then Kildare St Walshes Row/ Penders Court/ Dorset Murphys Cottages/

Watling St

Moore Lane/ Temple St
1826 Pat and James
1848 Patrick
1851 Patrick
1850s to 1870s Patrick and Anne

(m 1848)


James and Sarah (Painter)
1890 James and Eliza Walsh


James and Ester Bremman


Michael and Elizabeth


1901 Lizzie (Widow) James and Ester and James and Eliza Keogh


Sarah (aged 17 living with g parents) and

Sarah (aged 70 with step son)

1911     Not found   James and Ester and James and Lizzie

Tree # 3

Southside 2 Watling St   Murphys Court     45 Denzille/ 96 Baggot/ 41 Clarendon 37 New Row 2 Bride St
James and Rose
1848 Chas James
1851 Thomas (Mary Daly) Nicholas and Cath Reilly
1855 Patrick and Mary Lynch
1860 Patrick William and Mary
(mason) (1859 dairy)
1870 Patrick William
(to 1871)
+ Philip

+ James

1890 Patrick
(to 1892)

Prob # 3 – Rathmines

  Harolds Cross       Manchester UK 139 Francis St 16 Mill St
1846/50 John and Mary (Dairy)
1848 William
1851/54 Denis and Anne Dairy in Mary St Northside Elizabeth John and Mary
  (To 1872)
1870 Thomas William
1871 and 1891 Edward (Elizabeth then Anne)
1880 William
1901 Thomas
(Ann McCreat)
Denis John Thomas
(Elizabeth) (Anne)
1911 Denis and Elizabeth John and Anne Thomas
1939/ 40 Anne Dennis Edward

Tree # 16



  Coomb/ Orr’s Tce Purdon St     Bride St    


1790 Henry
1806 Christopher and Margaret
1848 Henry (emig to Aust)
1851 Michael and Margaret Henry John and Elizabeth William and Catherine James and Bridget

Rathfarnham and Willbrook

  Kingston   Roundtown       Willbrook  
1790s Richard and Biddy
Denis and Elizabeth then Bridget Nicholas and Mary (Dowling) Patrick and Ellen
Patrick and Elizabeth
1911 Joseph and Lizzie Patrick and Jane

 Tree # 15

    Upper Merion St            
1851 and 1854 Richard  
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Families in Australia come from 3 trees.

The majority of those using the Hayde name are descendants of Tree # 1 who settled initially in New Zealand and then in more recent years some have migrated to Australia.

The second tree relates to a family that adopted the Hade surname and are linked to Tree # 16 and are descended from Matthew (b 1818) who was sent to Australia for being a pick pocket in Dublin.

This tree is:

Tree # 16 for Matthew

The third tree links to a family that emigrated from Germany and uses the Hayde name.  This is Tree # 13:

Tree #13