Dec 282017

Patrick b 1821 and Judith Ryan

As outlined in the North Tipperary posts page, I have found the records of 3 children of Patrick and Judith Ryan from Thurles parish.

One of these was a Patrick b 1821. Patrick married Mary Roche in 1843 when he was living at Boolahaha, a village 5 miles to the north east of Thurles.  Their children were:

  • James Heade b 1845, Thurles D before 1871
  • Mary Heade b 1848, Thurles
  • Margaret Heade b 1855, Alderney. In St Peter’s Port, Guernsey in 1901. No sign in 1911
  • Ellen Heade b 1861, Alderney
  • Matthew Heade b 1856, Alderney
  • John Heade b 1860, Alderney

Patrick was a mason. In Alderney in 1847, work began on building a long breakwater in Braye Bay. I suspect Patrick was attracted there to work as a mason on building this breakwater and other projects.

They were in the 1851 Alderney census as Heade, 1871 as Head, then in the Guernsey census of 1881, 1891 and (Margaret) 1901 as Hade.

Mary died in 1891 and Patrick in 1898. There is no sign of descendants of Matthew or John. Mary Hade was in Warwickshire in 1881.

A photo of the gravestone of Patrick and Mary Roche in Le Foulon, Cemetery, St Peters Port, Guernsey is:

This gravestone can be found at grave no 62, section Y.

I have found no living descendants.

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