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John and James Hayde were farming at Moanmore in 1827. This is an area that has no obvious connections to areas where Haydes were more prevalent at the time.

It can only be assumed that they were brothers and perhaps their father married someone from this area which caused him to move away from another area and settle here.

The location can be seen below:


John and James both had children in the 1820s and 1830s and James was still in the area when he died in 1872.  There are no births in this area after the 1840s and after James died in 1872 there is no trace of any other family members in the parish, civil or census records.

Church, civil and census records are at Dunnamaggan, Kilkenny Families

I have also not been able to trace any living descendants.

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  1. Hi David,
    I am researching the Aide family that settled in Iowa County, Wisconsin. I believe they came from County Kilkenny. Have you come across the Aide name variation? I have taken dna tests at Ancestry and Family Tree and would like to know how to find out if there are any links. See my cousin’s blog at


    • I have found plenty in the south of Kilkenny in the parishes of Glenmore and Slievenue. I will have a look at the blog and check if I have anything to add.

      • Here are two baptisms from Moanroe Commons, Knocktopher, Ballyhale, with the mother Mary Aide:
        11 Feb 1840, Moanroe, Edward, Father: Tom Barry, Mother: Mary Aide, sponsors: Martin Millea, Cath Millea
        2 May 1843, Moanroe, Mary, Father: Tom Barry, Mother: Mary Heade, sponsors: Pat Walsh, Margt. Eade
        Their descendant is a confirmed dna match to me and I have Aides in my tree.


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