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The name Hayde, and its common variants such as Hade, Haide, Heade etc, first appeared in English records in the late 1500s. From this time period until the early 1800s, there were not many references and those that did appear were in southern counties such as Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Worcestershire and Wiltshire.  This is reflected in the International Genealogical Index (IGI) as shown below:

The IGI for England, Wales and Scotland

This index is maintained by the Church of Latter Day Saints (the LDS) who have microfilmed, copied and digitized many old church and family records. It predates the internet and is a valuable source of family information.

As part of the early studies I also researched the early history of England and how this affected our genealogy.

The History of England as it affects Genealogy

From 1837 all births, deaths and marriages were recorded by the civil authorities. I have searched all these and extracted all the Hayde references. I have also contacted many Haydes from the telephone books. From this research, I have traced all the Hayde families that currently live in England and Wales back to Ireland. None relate to any Hayde that lived in England and Wales prior to 1837. There are no Hayde families in Scotland.

Thus the small number of Hayde references in England prior to 1837 must relate to people who moved on or were typographical errors. They could perhaps have moved to Ireland, America or died out.

Census records are available from 1841.  Extracts from 1841 to 1911 for England, Wales and Scotland are:

1841 to 1911 Census Extracts

Details of the various families researched can be found under each Family Post and relevant Tree using the tabs above.