How to use this Web Site


This web site is intended to be a repository for all the data gathered as part of the Hayde One Name Study and also to be a tool for others to add comments to the family pages.

Under each tab at the top I have listed the material gathered and embedded a link to the pdf document containing the notes.  These are dated so that it is possible to see what may or may not be out of date.

Beneath the main heading is a list of the family trees in a drop down menu.  Clicking on these will take you to the commentary around these trees and links to the trees on

Below the drop down list of family trees is another series of tabs showing the geographic location where I have traced members of the family.  These are structured into family grouping as much as possible.  For example, the Ballingarry tab covers the early families in this area and has two drop down tabs.  One to Wales (Tree # 2) and the other to Chicago (Tree # 14). This means that both Trees # 2 and # 14 originate from Ballingarry.

The trees themselves are referenced in these pages so there is a link between these tabs and the drop down list of trees. In some cases various different families were in the same location and therefore several family trees are linked to the one location.  Dublin, for example, is linked to Trees # 3, # 8, # 16 and # 18.

Comments are welcome on the Family Posts pages where a descendant or researcher can add additional content or photographs.  Where there is more than one tree in a particular location then these comments can be added to the relevant tree.

Some of these posts are very rich in content with maps, photos and the like and some browsers will struggle to show all the content.  If this happens, I suggest you try an updated version of your browser or switch to Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Comments are sent to a moderator (me) before being posted.  This is to ensure that only valid comments are posted and spam is discarded.