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Brooklyn, Kings and Newark, New Jersey

George (b 1807) and Mary

George (b 1807) and Mary Hade were in Brooklyn, Kings in 1850. George was a grocer and they were both born Ireland. Mary died in 1857 and in 1860 George was on his own in Newark, New Jersey. In 1870, he was still in Newark and had been joined by Elizabeth Hade (b 1800, Ireland). She was single and presumably a sister. Both George and Elizabeth died in 1880.

Peter (b 1803)

Also in Newark in 1860 was Peter Hade (1803, New Jersey). He was a gardener. It is possible he is related to George and the place of birth was confused.

Christopher (b 1834) and Lucy Reynolds

In 1870, a Christopher Hade b 1834 was in South Orange, Essex, New Jersey. By 1880 Christopher had married Lucy Reynolds and was in Newark with their children. The 1870 census states he was born New Jersey however in 1880 it says Ireland. Their children were:

  • Mary Rose b 1875, NJ
  • Julia A 1877
  • Mathew J b 1878, d 1885
  • George E b 1879, d 1887
  • Martha

The Newark directories for 1884 show Lucy as a widow, managing a saloon and living at 66 Johnson.

Christopher died in 1880 and was described as a gardener born in Ireland. Christopher is probably a son of George and Mary however he could not be found in the 1850 and 1860 census records.

Marion City, Grant, Indiana

Martin Boots and David Branson each donated 30 acres (120,000 m2) of land in 1831 for the site of Marion. They chose a location on the left bank of the swift, scenic river which the Miami Indians had named “Mississinewa,” meaning “Falling water.” So rapid had been the tide of settlement that it followed by only 19 years the Battle of Mississinewa, 7 miles (11 km) downstream, where U.S. troops and Indians had fought a bloody, pre-dawn encounter in 1812.

With the formation of Grant County in 1831, Marion was established as the county seat. The river provided water supply, power, and drainage and it bequeathed a natural beauty as it flowed at the base of hills that marched away on either side. Along with at least 36 other communities in the U.S., Marion was named for the Revolutionary War General Francis Marion, the “Swamp Fox” of South Carolina.

Marion grew slowly for more than 50 years as an agricultural trading center supported by a sprinkling of small farm- and forest-related industries.

In the 1880s, fields of natural gas were discovered across much of east-central Indiana, and Grant County began to grow at a dizzying pace. Gas City and Matthews were carved out of raw farmland and launched as speculative boom towns, each absorbing existing tiny villages.

George (b 1821) and Mary Jane McKee

The earliest ancestor of this family is a George W Hayde b 1821 New Jersey. He was a farmer in Ohio in 1850, a labourer in Indiana in 1860 and a pump maker in Indiana in 1864 and 1870.

Given the commonality of first names, George must be related to the George (b 1807) and Mary in Kings in 1850 and New Jersey in 1860. He is unlikely to be a child unless the birth dates are widely inaccurate.

George married Mary Jane McKee in Ohio in 1847.  (He is not the George Hade that served in the Pennsylvania cavalry in the civil war and had an invalid pension awarded in 1878).

They had the following 5 children (of whom only 1 was alive in 1900):

  • ANO
  • ANO
  • Sarah b Ohio 1852. She married Crowel Walker in 1876
  • George W b Indiana 1854. He died before 1900. He married Wilhelmina (Winnie) Rigler (b 1864 Indiana) in 1886 and they had:
    • Frank Charles b 1887, d 1980. Frank was in San Francisco at the time of WW1 registrations. He married Hope Gregory in NY in 1920, was a superintendent at a warehouse in Queens in 1930 and a shipping clerk in Wisconsin in 1940. They had the following children:
      • Gloria b New York 1924
    • Helen b 1891
  • (Theodore) Wilson Hayde b Indiana 1861, d 1899. Theodore married Phoebe Lugar (b 1863) in 1881 and they had:
    • Estella Sarah (b 1882) Indiana
    • Mamie J (b 1884) Indiana
    • George Wilson (b 1887) Indiana, d 1947. George married Eva Seybold and lived in Grant, Indiana.
      • Robert Theodore Hayde b Indiana 1931
      • George W Jnr
      • Phoebe A d 1980s

Theodore, Phoebe and children went to Fitzgerald, Georgia with a group of ex-Unionists to establish this city with Mr P Fitzgerald. Phoebe and children were still there in the 1900 census.


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