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Patrick and Bridget Barry

In the Monameagh, Cashel parish in 1827, a Thomas Heade and Mary Dustil (or Portal) farmed a 1a 0r 0p plot owned by Lady Caroline Damer while a son, Thos Hayde (b 1799) and Catherine Cuddihy farmed a very small plot owned by Lord Portlington.

Thomas and Catherine married in 1821 (as Hade) and had at least 6 children in the 1820s and 1830s. By 1850 Thomas had died and his wife Catherine was farming 1a 1 r 23p on land owned by Thomas Dwyer (who was the major landowner in Monameagh at this time). Catherine was in the Cashel Poor Law Rate Books in 1849 and in the valuation records up until circa 1856.

The Cashel Posts covers more background on the families in this area.

One of the sons of Thomas and Catherine, a Patrick Joseph born 1826, immigrated to America, probably on the City of Washington on 31 May 1851 (as Patrick Heade).  He married Bridget Barry in New York in 1851 and they had their first child in 1853.  Patrick served in the Engineers during the Civil War of 1861-1865 (as Patrick Hade).

Patrick used the New York Emigrant Savings Bank along with his sister Mary in the 1860s. He also placed an advert in the Irish Relatives and Friends publication in 1856 when he was looking for Thomas Hayde, who was living in New York in 1854. Patrick stated that he served his time at Higgins and Thurston, NY and was then living in Keokuk, Ohio and was working as a bricklayer.

Thomas was probably a brother however I can find no trace of him in the census or any other records.

In 1860 Patrick and family were still in Lee, Keokuk, Iowa (as Hade) with their 4 children and by 1870 they were in Missouri (as Hayde and Hayd) with an enlarged family.

Patrick and Bridget had 5 sons, 4 daughters and another child that died at birth. All the existing Haydes in Missouri and some in California, Chicago and Florida are descendants.

The early parts of the family tree are:

  • Thomas Francis b 1852
    •  Mary Isobel b 1876
    • Leo Maurice b 1878
    • Thomas Patrick b 1880
  • John Charles b 1856
    • George Stephen b 1885
    • John Charles b 1886
    • Margaret M b 1890
    • Catherine 1892
  • Margaret Cecilia b 1858
  • Katherine b 1859
  • Stephen J b 1862
  • William Patrick b 1863
    • Frank Richard b 1894
    • Alice Veronica b 1898
    • William Joseph Patrick b 1902
    • Mary Frances b 1904
  • Matthew T b 1865
    • Rosalie Marie b 1896
    • Eulalia b 1897
    • Isabel b 1898
    • Theobald Richard b 1901
  • Elizabeth b 1870
  • Richard b 1872, d 1872
  • Mary Ellen b 1874

This family is Tree # 12 and the family tree can be viewed in more detail at https://www.ancestry.co.uk/family-tree/tree/51476676/family




  2 Responses to “Kansas, America (Tree # 12)”

  1. Hi David,
    I wanted to tell you I did a DNA test through Ancestry. I just wanted to share that. It said I’m 85% British! Ha! I have a Hayde Facebook page named Hayde Family and Descendants. Feel free to join and post. It’s not too lively but I tried. There are pictures there you might enjoy. There is a David Hayde on there and if that’s you, I’m sorry. I just can’t remember right now where that David is from.
    Thanks for all of your hard work!
    Margaret ‘Margee’ Hayde Williams

    • Margee. That’s me on your page. There is also a Hayde family facebook page for the New Zealand branch of the family. Is there a male Hayde in your line keen to do a DNA test? That could help with understanding linkages.

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