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Family Trees

The family trees attached to various pages on this site generally do not show any living person and also do not include all the information about the members.  The complete trees are available at as private trees.  These trees contain all the information I have gathered and contributions received from family members and other researchers.  I have set them up as ‘private trees’ which means that they are only accessible on request to myself.  I can then control access to ensure only family members get access.

If you would like access to any tree, follow the instructions on the ancestry web site.

Other Hayde sites

The Tree that I call #13 has been traced back to Nuertingen in Germany in the 1500s. This tree and descendants are covered in detail here.

Hite Family Association

The Hite Family Association in America is doing a study on the origins of Hite/Hayde/Heyd/Heide etc. This is outlined further at Hite Family Association. This is an extensive study into the origins which revolve around Germanic origins. It is relevant to the European Hayde connections but not the Irish connections.