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Edward and Catherine

Edward and Catherine Liddy/Leadon had 8 children in the Killenaule parish in Tipperary, Ireland in the 1850s and 1860s. They were living in Ballinure at the time. Their origins are outlined in the Ballinure posts page.

Edward died of a fever in the Cashel workhouse aged 40 on 20 March 1865, leaving Catherine and the 8 children of:

  • Patrick b 1850
  • John b 1852
  • Catherine b 1853
  • Elizabeth b 1855
  • Ellen b 1857
  • Edward b 1859
  • Mary b 1861
  • Bridget b 1863

The Ireland land valuation records showed that they probably lived at plot 12 in Ballinure in the 1850s. At the time, Hayde families lived on plots 10, 12a, 19 and 17b. These were all small plots of land centered around the villages of Ballinure and Noan.

The valuation records showed that they left this plot in the late 1860s – which is consistent with the death of Edward and their emigration to America.

In 1870, Cath was with sons Patrick and John in New York. Also with them was John Leddy, presumably a brother of Caths’.

Patrick probably arrived in 1868 although I have not found any arrival records of the others nor of John Leddy. Edwards’ naturalization records of 1886 said he arrived 1871. Patrick was naturalized 1872 and John 1876. Patrick was a driver (probably of a train), John a brakeman and Edward a fireman when they were naturalized.

By 1880, Patrick had married Sarah Wiley and John had been joined by Edward, Kate and Nellie (Ellen). Patrick was at W 35th St and the others at W 32nd St in Manhattan. Mary also emigrated to NY and married a Michael Smith.  There are no records of Elizabeth and Bridget arriving in America and they presumably died in Ireland.

Patrick (b 1850) and Sarah Wiley

Patrick and Sarah Wiley had 3 children. Cathy in 1876, William James in 1883 and Joseph Patrick in 1886. Patrick died in 1889 and Sarah remarried Christopher Kruger, who had died by 1900. She appears to have had Eugene 1890, Walter 1892 and Sadie 1894 to him. Sarah became a McCarthy in 1903.

William James and Joseph Patrick both married twice and many descendants in New York can trace themselves back to one of these two families.

The descendants are:

  • William James Hayde and Mary Lee
    • James b 1903
    • William b 1906
    • Robert b 1911
    • Dorothy b 1911
    • Edward b 1913
    • Francis b 1915
    • George b 1918
    • Walter b 1920
    • Harold b 1922
    • Raymond b 1926
  • William James Hayde and new wife
    • John b ?
    • Annette b ?
  • Joseph Patrick Hayde and Jennie Graham
    • John Joseph b 1907
    • Joseph P b 1908
    • Jane b 1910
    • Sarah b 1912
    • Walter F b 1914
    • Loretta b 1915
    • Thomas F b 1917
    • Lawrence Joseph b 1919
    • Helen b 1921
    • Philip J b 1924
  • Joseph Patrick Hayde and Anna Dorry

A photo of William in the early 1900s is below. William is on the left with a pint of Guinness in his hand!:

John (b 1852) and Celia Flanagan (and Catherine Hunter)

John married Celia Flanagan about 1882 and they had 4 children. Walter in 1883, John in 1885, Theodore in 1888 and Frank in 1889.

Celia died in 1895 and John remarried Catherine Hunter in 1900 and they had a daughter, Gertrude in 1904.

Walter, John and Theodore all married and had children.  Descendants are in Westchester, New Jersey, Ohio as well as New York.

The descendants are:

  • Walter Edward Hayde and Caroline Rieger
    • Dorothy b 1922
  • John Hayde and Anastasia Butler
    • Edward Francis b 1906
    • John Joseph b 1913
    • Jane Alice b 1922
  • Theodore Thomas Hayde and Julie McCue
    • Walter b 1914
    • Vincent Richard b 1916
    • Francis J b 1919
    • Catherine Teresa b 1923
  • Frank Hayde – not married

Edward (b 1859) and Margaret Kieran (and Mary Hopkins)

Edward married Margaret Kieran in 1883.  They had 3 children. Loretta in 1883, William J in 1886 and Edward in 1888.

Margaret died in 1887 and Edward remarried a widow, Mary Hopkins.  They had a further son, Walter Joseph in 1892.

Edward, a fireman, died in 1890 (aged 31) and Mary remarried a Martin Foley in 1908. In 1900, Loretta and William were with an uncle (Nicholas Kenny – prob Kieran) and Edward was with Margaret Leahey (in laws – probably Liddy).

William J died in 1903 before he had a family.  Edward married however he did not appear to have any children. Walter Joseph married and descendants are in New Jersey, Florida and well as New York. Descendants are:

  • Walter Joseph Hayde and Winifred Morton
    • Mary b 1915
    • Martin Patrick 1917
    • Walter J b 1920
    • Joseph William b 1926

The detailed family tree for this branch can be viewed at https://www.ancestry.co.uk/family-tree/tree/51532280/family

A more detailed history of parts of this family can be seen at: http://hayde-dorry-family-reunion.webs.com/haydehistory.htm




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