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Patrick (born abt 1792) and Ellen arrived in Oldham from Ireland between 1829 and 1831 with three children. They had a further three children in Oldham. Patrick died before 1851.

One son, John, born 1837 in Oldham, was ordained as a Priest in Italy in 1867. He was in Cork in 1861 and again from 1877 to 1887. From 1873 to 1877 and then from 1887 to 1914 (when he died) at parishes in Cardiff. The official church records note that he was very popular with parishioners and children. These records also state that his parents were Patrick and Elena (nee Straine). The parish records for St Mary’s Oldham records his baptism as John Hade, son of Patrick and Ellen Dearan (handwriting variances could account for the difference from official church records). In the civil registration records his birth was recorded as Haydn.

The records also showed the birth of Patrick, another son, as being of Patrick and Ellen Drohan/Deohan.

I have found a Patrick and Ellen Gorman in Mardyke parish, Tipperary. This is the closest connection that I have found so far.


Edward Hade (born abt 1811) arrived in Wigan from Ireland before 1840. He married Mary Morgan, who was from Ireland, and had a son (Peter) in Wigan in 1840. He worked as a weaver. By 1851 Peter had died and Mary soon after. Edward remarried a Margaret Conroy in 1859.

Immediate descendants used Hade and Hayde. I have not found any living descendants.


John Hade (born abt 1811) from Thurles arrived in Leamington, Warwickshire before 1838. He married Mary Anne Campbell in 1837. A son John lived in Worcestershire in 1891. Two children lived in Middlesex in the 1880s. They used the Hade variant.

I have not found any living descendants.

Tonge, Middleton

Another Patrick, born abt 1838 in Ireland, was with his mother Mary (b 1804) and brothers John (b 1836) and Peter (b 1843) and sister Mary (b 1841) in Tonge, Middleton in 1861. Mary was a widow at the time. Her husband was a Patrick. This is Patrick and Mary Mooney that I have found in Templemore/Clonmore parish (Thurles), Tipperary. They were from Kilduff.  Also in Kilduff at the same time was Michael and Mary Mahoney.  While I have found the movements of Mary and children to Middleton, I can find no trace of trace of the movements of Michael and Mary after the 1840s.

Mary and children arrived in Middleton between 1852 and 1861.

Patrick, went to Ayr in Scotland looking for work and met and married a Lavinia/Robinia Kelly. They married in Oldham in 1866. They had 3 sons and 3 daughters. In 1871 they lived in Dicken Street, Middleton. The descendants from this family are mainly living in Middleton and Oldham.

A brother, John, also had a family in the area but they seemed to adopt the Hade variant in the late 1800s.

Peter, a brother of Patrick, emigrated to America. I found their emigration in 1868 but have not located any living descendants. They lived in Michigan and used Hade and Hayde variants.

Channel Islands

Patrick Heade (born abt 1821) married Mary Roach in 1843 and had several children in  Thurles. He was the son of Pat and Jude Ryan.  Pat was a clerk from Littleton.

I have found the records of a Thomas Hayde from Littleton, Moycarkey parish, who joined the Dublin Met Police aged 27 in 1850.   I have also found a Michael Hayde b 1829 who joined the Royal Irish Constabulary in 1850 in Dublin. He was also born Moycarky parish.  They are both probably also sons of Pat and Jude Ryan. Thomas died in 1864 and Michael was in Clonmel in 1901.

Patrick and family moved to Alderney in the Channel Islands about 1850.

In Alderney in 1847, work began on building a long breakwater in Braye Bay. I suspect Patrick was attracted here to work on this and other projects in the area.

In 1881, one of his daughters was living in Warwickshire. I have found no living descendants. They used the Heade and Hade variants.

Great Bolton

John Hade married Mary Catherine Murphy at Rotheran in 1866. They had six children by 1881. One was in the civil records as Hayde.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

John was an Iron Forge labourer in 1881. I have found no living descendants.

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