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Patrick b 1792 and Ellen Doran

Patrick and Ellen (Doran/Dearan/Gorman) arrived in Oldham between 1829 and 1831 with 3 children.  They had a further 3 children in Oldham.

Their Irish origins are outlined in the Tipperary North page.

Patrick was an umbrella maker in 1841. He had died by the time of the 1851 census. Their children were:

  • William Hayde b 1822, Ireland. Mar Maria Murray
    • Mary E Hade b 1850, Oldham
  • Ellen Hade b 1827, Ireland
  • Mary Hade b 1829, Ireland. D before 1861
  • Patrick Hade b 1831, Oldham. D 1880
  • Michael Hade b 1834, Oldham. D before 1861
  • John Hayde b 1837, Oldham

They lived in central Oldham – Grosvenor St, Water St, Booth St and Ironmonger St. These streets are in central Oldham as can be seen from the old map below:

John Hayde, was ordained as a priest in Italy in 1867.  He was in Cork in 1861 and again from 1877 to 1887.  From 1873 to 1877 and then from 1887 to 1914 (when he died) he was at parishes in Cardiff.

Official church records describe how he was very popular with parishioners. A photo of him in 1896/97 is below:

A close up is:

Patrick mar Mary Mooney (b 1804) in Drom, 1829.

The marriage was witnessed by James Heade. The children were baptised in the Templemore parish. Their Irish origins are outlined in the Tipperary North page.

Patrick seems to have died some time between 1847 (when his last child was born) and 1861 when Mary (his wife) and the surviving children were in Tonge, Middleton, Lancashire, England. This is close to where Patrick and Ellen were at the same time and they probably influenced this choice.

Their children were:

  • Nicholas Heade b 1831, Kilduff. D before 1861
  • John Heade b 1833, Kilduff. D 1898 Oldham
  • Patrick Heade b 1835, Kilduff. Patrick went to Ayr in Scotland looking for work and met a Lavina Kelly who he married in 1866.
    • John Hayde b 1867, Middleton. Mar Margaret Loughlan 1898, Middleton
      • Norah Hayde b 1898, Middleton
      • Wilfred Hayde b 1900, Middleton
      • Edward Hayde b 1903, Oldham. Married but had no children
      • John Hayde b 1905, Oldham. D 1905
      • Margaret Hayde b 1906, Oldham
      • Bernard Hayde b 1908, Oldham. D 1908
      • Mary Hayde b 1911, Oldham
      • Cathleen Hayde b 1913, Oldham
    • James Hayde b 1870, Middleton. Mar Agnes Leah 1895
      • Eveline Hayde b 1896
    • Peter Hayde b 1872, Middleton. D 1873
    • Hannah Hayde b 1875, Middleton. D 1879
    • Nicholas Hayde b 1876, Middleton. Mar Janet Thomas 1921
    • Mary Elizabeth Hayde b 1882, Oldham. D 1905
    • Veronica Hayde b 1883, Oldham. D 1884
  • Anne/Hannah Heade b 1837, Kilduff. D before 1861
  • Mary Heade b 1839, Kilduff
  • Pierce/Peter Heade b 1842, Kilduff. He emigrated to America in 1868, married Mary Premo in 1874 and they settled in Detroit, Michigan. Their children are variously named Hade and Hayde. This is described further at the Detroit posts page.
  • Bridget Heade b 1844, Kilduff. D before 1861
  • Margaret Heade b 1847, Kilduff. D before 1861

They lived in Couper Row, Tonge, Middleton in the 1860 and 1870s. Patrick and Lavina settled in Dickens St, Middleton in the 1880s.

Middleton can be seen on the map below.


Center map



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