Research Background


On this site is a record of my work on the origins and movement of the Hayde name and associated families over time. I have made this information available to not only assist anyone connected to the family to understand their genealogy but to also assist with obtaining further information.

My research started when I was living in London in the early 1980s. As a New Zealander in London I became fascinated by the history of the city and the country. I started some research into my great-grand-father who served with the British Army in India and had 8 sons. I discovered that although his parents were Irish he was born in London at the time of the potato famine in Ireland (1848). This led me to study the cause of the famine which led to a need to understand the history of Ireland.

I found the army enlistment papers for my great-grand-father and a detailed account of the regiment that he belonged to with him mentioned several times in connection with his violin playing abilities. The documents on several occasions referred to him as Hayd. This led me to further research the origins of the name.

At the same time as doing this research I started coming across other Haydes (both in the historic records and existing families) and developed a desire to understand how the branches all inter-related.

I soon realised that the movement of the Hayde families over the years reflected the events happening around them at the same time – ie wars, famines, religious persecution, new territories to explore etc. This generated my interest further.

I compiled records of all Hayde, Hade, Heade and Haid and Haide births, deaths and marriages in the United Kingdom and Ireland since civil registration began (1837 for England and Wales and 1864 for Ireland). I searched census, parish and other Church and official records in these countries. I corresponded with Haydes in the UK, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. A German speaking cousin contacted some Haydes in Germany. More recently, with the use of the internet and email services, I have connected with many more branches of the family.

Several visits to Dublin in the 1980s, a week in the Church of Latter Day Saints (“LDS”) genealogical library in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1997, several hours in LDS libraries at home and of course many hours surfing the internet has resulted in a mass of information being collected. From this work I have complied detailed family trees for each of these. Most go back to Ireland, although two are German and have no Irish connection. There is also a scattering of other Hayde references in South America and the Caribbean that are as yet unconnected to any family tree.

The research material is available under each of the tabs shown above.  These pages list the information that I have documented and how it links to the various family trees.

A current project is to test certain aspects of the male DNA with Haydes (and close variants such as Hade, Heade, Haid and Haide) in each of these branches to ascertain a scientific link (or not) between the branches. The results of this work is outlined in the page on DNA Research.

I have much more detailed information on births, deaths, marriages etc in the 1900s that is not documented on this web site. This is because I have focused mainly on events in the 1800s and earlier. Records pertaining to the 20th century are reasonably comprehensive and most people can trace themselves back to the late 1800s/early 1900s before getting stuck. I am also sensitive to the privacy wishes of living relatives and have not included information, other than the basic data, on these persons.

I encourage and welcome comments and additional information.

I can be contacted via the contact form on the home page or via the following email address:

This reflects the fact that this study is registered with the Guild of One Name Studies.


Apologies to American readers for the English spelling of some of the words. Labour really does have a u. Organised, summarised and baptised look much better than organized, summarized and baptized!