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A few Hayde families were in the area north west of Ballinure and Ballingarry by 1800. They were not in the 1659 census or 1665/6/7 Hearth Money Records so they must have originated from Tipperary south and moved to this area in the 1700s.

This families are grouped as Tree # 7 and are detailed at

These families can be summarised as:


Patrick and Michael, born circa 1800, who were in Kilduff in the 1830s.

Their origins are unknown. They seem to have left the area in the 1850s and the descendants that have been traced settled in Middleton, England.


  • Patrick, born circa 1800, married Ellen and had a family in Mardyke in the 1820s.  A child was also baptised in Killenaule in 1836. They therefore have a link to this area which has been confirmed by DNA testing showing the similarities between descendants of this family and those from Killenaule area. Descendants settled in Oldham, England.
  • James, born circa 1800, married Bridget Meagher and they also had a family in this area in the 1820s and 1830s.  Descendants settled in Rotheran and Bolton.
  • Edward, born 1811, arrived in Wigan before 1840 when he married Mary Morgan.


Patrick, born circa 1790, and Judith Ryan.  They had a family in the Thurles area in the early 1800s.  A descendant has been traced to the Channel Islands.


In the 1830s, Patrick and Michael were in Kilduff, a town in the foothills of the Kilduff mountains north west of Templemore.There was no sign of this family in the Tithe or Griffiths records however in the Griffiths at Farenderra, Templemore were Tim, Mich, Pat and Thos Headen. It is possible that these families are linked.

The only hint of an origin is in an extract from the Walkers Hibernian Magazine from the Tipperary Archives.  It refers to a Miss Hayde from Kilduff, Limerick, who married a John Smithwick in 1791. She was the daughter of Richard Hayde from Castleleak, Tipperary. I have not been able to determine where Castleleak is.

Another possibility is that they were children of Pierce (Peter) and Mary Shanahan from Borris who had a Patrick and John Heade in Moycarky in 1801 and 1807 respectively.

Kilduff is shown on the map below:


Patrick mar Mary Mooney (b 1804) in Drom parish, 1829. They were from Templemore. The marriage was witnessed by James Heade, presumably an older brother. The children were baptised in the Templemore parish.

Patrick seems to have died some time between 1847 (when his last child was born) and 1861 when Mary (his wife) and the surviving children were in Tonge, Middleton, Lancashire, England.

  • Nicholas Heade b 1831, Kilduff. D before 1861
  • John Heade b 1833, Kilduff.D 1898 Oldham
  • Patrick Heade b 1835, Kilduff. Patrick went to Ayr in Scotland looking for work and met a Lavina Kelly who he married in 1866. This family is outlined in more detail in the Middleton posts page.
  • Anne/Hannah Heade b 1837, Kilduff
  • Mary Heade b 1839, Kilduff
  • Pierce/Peter Heade b 1842, Kilduff. Mar Mary Premo. They emigrated to America in 1868 and settled in Detroit, Michigan. Their children are variously named Hade and Hayde. This is described further at the Detroit posts page.
  • Bridget Heade b 1844, Kilduff
  • Margaret Heade b 1847, Kilduff

Michael mar Mary Mahoney in Templemore parish in 1832. They were from Kilduff. Pat Heade (presumably the Pat above) was a witness.

  • Patrick Heade b 1833, Kilduff
  • Pierce Heade b 1834, Kilduff
  • Ann Heade b 1838, Kilduff
  • Mary Heade b 1839, Kilduff
  • Bridget Heade b 1843, Templemore
  • Michael Heade b 1845, Templemore

I have not found any descendants of Michael.


Patrick and Ellen

Patrick and Ellen (Doran/Dearan/Gorman) arrived in Oldham between 1829 and 1831 with 3 children.  They had a further 3 children in Oldham.  I found the baptism of the oldest child in the parish of Killenuale and Moyglass in 1836 where their residence was stated as Mardyke (I think they baptised an older child on a trip back to Ireland from Oldham).

There are many other Hayde/Heade families in this area being just north west of Ballinure and Ballingarry. Mardyke is a township just south of Templemore, which is not far from Kilduff.

Their children were:

  • William Hayde b 1822, Ireland. Mar Maria Murray
    • Mary E Hade b 1850, Oldham
  • Ellen Hade b 1827, Ireland
  • Mary Hade b 1829, Ireland. D before 1861
  • Patrick Hade b 1831, Oldham. D 1880
  • Michael Hade b 1834, Oldham. D before 1861
  • John Hayde b 1837, Oldham

This family is discussed further in the Oldham and Middleton posts page.

James and Bridget Meagher

Also in Mardyke in the 1830s were James and Bridget Meagher.  Their children, and grand children,  were:

  • Michael Heade b 1826, Ballingarry parish
    • James was probably farming in Lickfinn in the 1830s as was Michael in the 1850s
  • Tom Heade b 1828, Gortnahoe parish
  • John Hayde b 1833 Mardyke, Killenaule parish
    • John married Mary Murphy in Rotheran, Yorkshire in the 1866.  They had 6 children in Rotheran and Bolton, Lancashire.
  • James Hayde b 1835 Mardyke, Killenaule parish
Center map


Edward and Mary Morgan

Edward Hade (b 1811), son of John a gardener, arrived in Wigan before 1840.  He married Mary Morgan and had a son Peter in 1840.  By 1851 both Mary and Peter had died and he remarried, as Edward Hayde, a Margaret Conroy.  I have not found his Irish origins but I am treating him as connected to Tree #7 in the absence of any other option.

In 1851 a John Gorman was staying with them.  This provides a link (tenuous) to Ellen Gorman who married Patrick above.


Patrick and Judith Ryan

I have found the records of 3 children of Patrick and Judith Ryan from Thurles parish.  These are:

  • James Heade b 1808
  • John Hade b 1811
    • John married Mary Ann Campbell in Leamington, Warwickshire in 1837.  They had several children in Warwickshire and adopted the Hade variant.
  • Patrick Heade/Hade b 1821
    • Patrick married Mary Roche in 1843 when he was living at Boolahaha, a village 5 miles to the north east of Thurles.  They had 2 children baptised in the Thurles parish and by 1851 they were on Alderney, in the Channel Islands.  One daughter, Mary Hade was in Warwickshire in 1881. This family is described further in the Channel Islands posts page.

The baptism of James in 1808 noted their address as New Street, which is probably in Thurles.

Patrick, the elder, was recorded as a clerk in 1808.  It is interesting to speculate what clerical work he was doing at the time and indeed how he managed to obtain the skills.

A Thomas Hayde from Littleton (b circa 1818 – 1823), joined the Dublin Met Police in 1850 (aged 27) and could also have been another son. He died a bachelor in 1864 (aged 46).

A Michael Hayde b 1829 joined the RIC and then the army in Dublin in 1850.  His army records stated he was born Moycarky parish, near Thurles. He served in the Crimean War in 1855 and retired to Dublin after 21 year service. In the 1901 census he was in Clonmel with his sister Catherine Ryan (a widow) and Catherine and Mary Roach (niece and grand niece).  Michael is probably related.

There is also a James Hayde who joined the RIC in 1849.  He was recorded as being born in Tipperary North in 1826.  He resigned in 1853 and emigrated to America. He traveled on Compromise from Liverpool which arrived in New York on 7 Sept 1853. I have however not found him in any American census or other records.

Center map


The detailed research notes can be seen at Tipperary North Families

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