Feb 262015

Families in Australia come from 3 trees.

The majority of those using the Hayde name are descendants of Tree # 1 who settled initially in New Zealand and then in more recent years some have migrated to Australia.

The second tree relates to a family that adopted the Hade surname and are linked to Tree # 16 and are descended from Matthew (b 1818) who was sent to Australia for being a pick pocket in Dublin.

This tree is https://www.ancestry.co.uk/family-tree/tree/51972226/family

The third tree links to a family that emigrated from Germany and uses the Hayde name.  This is Tree # 13. This is covered further at the German posts page.


  2 Responses to “Australian Families (Trees # 13, 16)”

  1. David: I posted a comment some weeks ago stating that I’m a direct decendant of Matthew Hade. I didn’t hear back from you and can’t now find my post on your site so I hope you received it …but in case you didn’t:-
    My name is Rod; I’m in the Matthew Hade/Mary Murphy line which goes from Matthew and Mary Murphy, then to Marshall, then to Hale, then to Hill.
    Please contact me as I’d love to find out more and I may be able to add to your very impressive findings as my mother did quite a lot of research into our various family strands-several of which I recognised when going through your “tree”.
    Hoping you receive this – RH

    • Rod Thanks for your post. I’m still developing the functionality around site. Hopefully the post is now up and you will get my response. I’ll email you direct.

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