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James and John b circa 1800

John and James Hayde were farming at Moanmore in 1827. They were probably brothers who went there looking for work.

Moanmore is at the foot of a mountain that stretches into Tipperary. These brothers probably came from a Tipperary family and moved around the mountain. .

The location can be seen below:

John and James both had children in the 1820s and 1830s and James was still in the area when he died in 1872.  There are no births in this area after the 1840s and after James died in 1872 there is no trace of any other family members in the parish, civil or census records.

Their families were:

John and Mary Cahill. They were at Moanmore in 1827 with James and #6 Moanmore in 1850

  • David Hade b 1826
  • Michael Heade b 1829, Lemonstown
  • John Heade b 1832, Rogerstown
  • William Hayde b 1835, Monassa

There was no sign of this family in the valuation records or elsewhere after 1850.

James and Margaret Morapy. They were at Moanmore in 1827 with John and #1a Loughberg in 1850.

  • Richard Head b 1827
  • Margaret Head b 1827 (twin). Mar John Walsh 1850
  • Thomas Head b 1830, Monassa
  • John Headd b 1834, Monassa
  • William Haid b 1836, Baurscoob
  • Ellen Head b 1838, Baurscoob. Mar Patrick Hearn 1864

James was in the Petty Session records between 1855 and 1870 for various offenses regarding animals. He died Bourscoob in 1872. Margaret was in the valuation records until 1880.

His sons Thomas and John were also in the Petty Sessions records in the 1850s and 1860s for various offenses. Margaret featured in these records in the 1870s, again for offenses regarding animals.

Church, civil and census records are at Dunnamaggan, Kilkenny {insert link to new notes}

I have also not been able to trace any living descendants.