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The tax records of 1666/7 showed Edward Heade and James Heade from the Ballingarry area. Edward was at Lisnamrock and James at Farranrory. They were probably one of the 10 Heade (and variants) families in the 1659 census.

By the time of the tithe taxes of the 1820s, the descendants in the area were:

  • Patrick Heade at Boula (Boulinthea).  He was baptized in 1806 when parish records were started.  He appears to have been an adult at the time and was sponsored by John Langley, a large landowner in the area.
  • Michael Head at Knockadabe
  • James Head at Lickfinn (note that there were two entries. They could be the same person at both locations or two different families).


Patrick married Catherine Hogan. The parish records show they had the following children:

  • Elena Heade b 1806
  • Michael Heade b 1808
  • John Heade b 1810.  Mar Mary Croake
  • Nicholas Heade b 1812
  • Patrick Heade b 1815
  • Thomas Heade b 1817. Mar Mary Hennessy

At the time of the 1850 valuations, the two families living at Boula were John and Lawrence Hayde. John is probably the son b 1810 while Lawrence is probably another son that was not recorded in the parish records.

The main branches to the Boula tree appear to be:

1)  The Lawrence who moved to Cardiff and settled there.

Lawrence (b 1812) and Ellen Doran arrived in Cardiff around 1836.  Descendants are in Cardiff. Their Irish origins are unknown but the most logical assumption is that they came from this area as Doran families were neighbours of the Hayde families in Boula. The descendants of Lawrence and Ellen are described further in the Welsh Family Posts.

2)  Patrick Heade from Boulea who was in the Tithe records in 1834. His sons were:

  • John Hayde, who was farming 46 acres in 1850 in Boulea and by 1890 was farming 100 acres. He married Mary Croake and their children were:
    • Patrick Hayde b 1853. Mar Hannah Finane
      • John Hayde b 1892
      • Denis Hayde b 1895
      • Mary Hayde b 1898
    • James Hayde b 1853
    • William Hayd b 1854
    • Johanna Hayd b 1856
    • JohnHayd b 1858
    • Mary Hayde b 1859
    • Michael Head b 1861
    • Hannah Hayde b 1862
  • Laurence Hayde, who was also in Boulea in the 1850s. He married Mary Butler and they had 8 girls.
  • Thomas Hayde, who married Mary Hennessy and had moved to Clonmel by the 1850s. They had:
    • John Hayde b 1848
    • James Hayde b 1849
    • Thomas Hayde b 1852
    • Catherine Hayde b 1854
    • James Hayde b 1856
    • Mary Hayde b 1859

I have found no living male descendants of Patrick.

3)  William, who was a teacher at Lisnamrock in 1824. He married Catherine Walsh and they had:

  • Thomas Hayes b 1816
  • Henry Heade b 1818
  • William Hade b 1823
  • Ellen Hade b 1824
  • Cath Heade b 1828
  • Richard Heade

Henry and Ellen were in New York in the 1850s.  Richard, was transported to Australia in 1843.  I have found no descendants of any of these people.

Knockadabe and Lickfinn

Michael mar Mary Cahill in 1832 and they had:

  • James Heade b 1832
  • John Heade b 1834
  • Elizabeth Heade b 1837
  • Mary Heade b 1840
  • Margaret Heade b 1843.

John and Margaret were possibly in Boston in 1864.

James and Elizabeth Wilson who were in Lickfinn in 1812 and James and Biddy Maher who had a family in the 1820s.

James and Judith Conway from Lickfinn had:

  • Elizabeth Heade b 1827
  • John Hede b 1828
  • Margaret Head b 1830
  • Mary Heade b 1832
  • James Heade b 1834
  • Edmund Heade b 1837
  • Bridget Heade b 1841
  • Ellen Heade b 1843

This family emigrated to America and they are covered in more detail in the Chicago Family Posts and are known as Tree # 14.

In the parish records for Gortnahoe and Ballingarry there were also a number of other Hayde/Heade families in the early 1800s.  The linkages are not entirely clear as the records only started in the early 1800s.

Boulea is:

Lisnamrock is:


Extracts from the Ballingarry parish records, the civil records, tombstones, valuation records, census returns and other records are at Ballingarry Families

The family tree can be seen at the following ancestry web site https://www.ancestry.co.uk/family-tree/tree/52746022/family





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Lawrence was born in Ireland in 1812 and moved to Cardiff with his wife, Ellen Dorman/Doran/Dearan/Davern, in circa 1836. They had 5 sons and 3 daughters. The civil records had 1 birth recorded as Hade and 2 as Hayd. The rest were recorded as Hayde.

According to a relative, Lawrence was a groom on an estate and Ellen was apparently the daughter of the house. It appears that they eloped together. This probably explained why they ended up in Cardiff. Lord Bute was recruiting labourers at the time to help build the wharves in Cardiff. It appears that he continued to work with horses in Cardiff.

In the 1800s they lived in central Cardiff in what is now Barrack Lane plus Mary Anne Street and John Street.


Two sons had families in Wales. Descendants are mainly in Wales.

Lawrence is not a common name in the Hayde family. It was used in 1782 in Wicklow and Tipperary in 1830s.

I have searched for Doran/Dorman/Dearan/Davern families in Ireland and have found a Doran family in Boula, Ballingarry that lived not far from a Lawrence Hayde in the 1850s. I believe that this is the most likely origin of Lawrence and Ellen.

A grandson, John Lawrence, served as a stoker in the Royal Naval Reserve Force on HMS Coleen from 1914-1919. Another grandson, Thomas, was killed during WW1.

The early descendants of Lawrence and Ellen are:

  • Mary Ann Hayde b 1835
  • John Hayde b 1837. Mar Catherine Howells
    • Anne Hayde b 1864
    • Laurence Hayde b 1868. D 1868
    • Mary Catherine Hayde b 1870
    • John Lawrence Hayde b 1872. Mar Ellen Griffiths
      • John Hayde b 1902
      • William Lawrence Hayde b 1910
  • Michael Hayde b 1839. Mar Margaret Christopher
    • John Lawrence b 1876. D 1876
  • Thomas Hayde b 1842. Mar Catherine Coughlin
    • James Hayde b 1864. Mar Margaret Ruby then Ellen Heap
      • James Hayde b 1888
      • Nancy Hayde b 1905
      • Catherine Hayde
    • Ellen Hayde b 1867
    • Thomas Hayde b 1869
  • Ann Hannah Hayde b 1844
  • James Hayde b 1847
  • Richard Hayde b 1849. D 1849
  • Ellen Hayde b 1850

Further details are available from the ancestry web site at https://www.ancestry.co.uk/family-tree/tree/52746022/family

This may be a private tree and access may need to be granted by the administrator on request.

The UK census records containing more details on this family are:

England, Wales and Scotland Census Extracts 1841 – 1911

The Family Posts page for Ballingarry covers more detail around other descendants from Ballingarry.